Tips and Tricks #28: Three ways to design slides effectively in Show

Tips and Tricks #28: Three ways to design slides effectively in Show

Hi everyone!

We're back with another tips and tricks post for you all. In case you missed our previous post in the Tips and Tricks series, you can find them here. 

Presentation design plays a crucial role in facilitating your audience's understanding of concepts. The proper use of formatting elements helps you highlight key points. 

In this article, we'll discuss three ways you can design presentations in Show. 

Image editing options

Let's assume you have a presentation with many images. You can make your images look distinctive in slides by adjusting their properties in Show. With these settings, your pictures will look more enhanced and appealing to the audiences. 

Some of image editing options include:
  1. Brightness and Contrast
    Sometimes, images appear either too dark or bright on the screen. In such cases, you can adjust the Brightness and Contrast sliders to make them look clear and visible. 
  2. Recolor modes
    With Recolor modes in Show, you can make your pictures more expressive and creative. The Black & White and Sepia effects provide a vintage look and resemble early types of photography.
  3. Transparency
    When visuals overpower your text, you can adjust the Transparency slider to fade it away and set it as a background image. This way, the texts become more readable. 
Check out the presentation below built using Zoho Shows’ different picture formatting options like border styles, recolor modes, shadow effects, color filters, and more. Feel free to save, share, and reuse these slides in your own presentations, too!

Object alignment options 

With the alignment and positioning options in Show, you can arrange the elements in your slides very precisely.

Some of the alignment options in Show are: 
  1. Align:
    Using the Align buttons, you can quickly arrange objects either horizontally (left, right, and center) or vertically (top, middle, and bottom). You can align them in relation to either slide or shapes. 

  2. Distribute
    You can place objects uniformly in a slide using the Distribute option. This will place them either horizontally or vertically at equal distance from each other in a straight line. This way you can better organize an overlapped, cluttered presentation. You can also position elements level-wise (one below the other) using the Forward and Backward buttons.
  3. Rotate and Flip
    When you want to rotate objects to get different perspectives, the Rotate section can prove helpful. The options in this section allow you to turn the objects either clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also set accurate angles using the combo box in the section. 

    The Flip section in Show allows you to get mirror images of elements in the slides. This way you can create fun patterns. 
  4. Size and Position

    You can adjust the orientation of objects using the Size and Position options. Enable the Maintain Aspect Ratio and adjust these values to obtain a more clear resolution in any screen size. 
Check out the presentation below created using different alignment and positioning options such as flip, rotate, and distribute on Zoho Show. Feel free to save, share, and even reuse them in your own presentations!

Object effects  

Using reflection, shadow, and stroke effects in Zoho Show, you can enhance your objects in slides. 

Here are some of the effects you can use in Show: 
  1. Stroke
    The Stroke effect adds a finishing touch to your objects, allowing you to pick a border color, size, and pattern for your elements in the slide. You can also adjust its transparency and choose its Line Join and Line Cap.
  2. Shadow
    With the use of the right Shadow preset (Outer or Inner), you can make your objects look more tactile. You can separate the shadow from its entity using the Rotate combo box and Distance slider. You can also adjust its blurriness and transparency. 

  3. Reflection
    Apply the Reflection effect to get the feeling of viewing the elements through water or glass. The reflection appears as a blurred, semi-transparent copy of the original object in the slide. You can get the effect by simply adjusting its Size, Distance, and Transparency sliders.
Check out the presentation below created using the different types of object effects available in Zoho Show like Stroke, Shadow, and Reflection. Feel free to save, share, and even reuse them in your own presentations, too!

We hope you found this post useful! We'll be back with more interesting tips for Show.

You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how Show can help improve your business communications. You may also write to us at or comment below. 

Happy presenting!
—the Show team  

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