Unveiling the All-New Zoho Projects - Redesigned User Interface

Unveiling the All-New Zoho Projects - Redesigned User Interface

Change is the new beginning! Zoho Projects is all set for a change. We have rolled out our redesigned product. Now, you're a step closer in making your workspace better with a vibrant new look. So, are you ready to meet the new Zoho Projects?

                                                                          Here's the makeover that you'll probably like

Why a new User Interface?

Businesses across the globe are looking for ways to manage their team effectively, and that's the key for development. What's the next plan? Who is doing what? How to solve an annoying bug? - These questions are common for both the large scale and small scale industries. And for the last 10 years, we at Zoho Projects have helped teams manage work effectively. 

It's you who've been driving us in achieving our goals from the start. So, we thought of making your work easier by giving it a new look. We had four key factors in mind when we started our revamp - easy navigation, defined focus, super speed, and classy look. We hope we've done justice and we are excited to hear back from you on this new UI. 


                                                                                   What's New?

Global Setup - All under one roof

The settings module now gets a new name -  Global Setup . When you want to manage your settings, just get everything done at one place. It's even more clear because we've made your search easy by categorizing the different settings -  Project, Portal, Bug, User Preference, Integration, Data Administration, and Users.  Navigate to the required category and manage your settings.

All-new Feed - Bulletin board of your team

What's up in your team? Every single update of your team goes right into the Feed section. Your feed is no more inside the Home tab! (Ah...Where did it go?) It takes up the prime location in your portal. Feed has been positioned between Home and ProjectsNow, you can view the Feed, Status, and Activity Stream all at one place. And, also you can view the Feed right inside every project that updates all the activities for that particular project. 

Engaging Home Screen - Widgets to take over sections

No more navigating to specific modules, your Home screen is all packed with widgets to engage better. With graphical insights and vibrant colors, your Home gives an overview of your work. To add more flavor, we've tailored it to suit your preference by enabling the drag-drop option for the widgets to position them wherever you'd love to.

Lively Project Dashboard - Colorful graphs to track your progress

Dashboard is the place where you can see progress across projects at one glance. So, why not make it engaging? Now, your project dashboard is simple, clear, and attractive. It is redesigned with widgets to help you track the status of the modules. You can also drag-drop the widgets and toggle to switch the widgets on/off. And, the left panel comes up with icons for easy navigation.

Advanced Project Listing - Centered to focus on your project details

It's now clear to find your project information with our new Project Listings. You can just navigate to Projects and view all the projects in your portal right at one place. Here you can view projects by group, client, and owner, also you can view all the project templates, archived projects, and trashed projects on this page. 

Reports and Charts - Modernized look for easy tracking

Track anything and everything using Reports and Charts. Now, you can see it as a separate tab in the new UI. You can easily track the progress of your team using the six vibrant charts. These reports help track your work on a regular basis. 

Striking Themes - Dress up your portal with brilliant colors

Love to play around different themes? Then, you'll love our new interface. We've around 12 new themes - all bright and beautiful. Make each day colorful with these enticing colors.


"A change that you'll love

A change that you'll work on

A change that'll make your work simple

And a change that'll mark a new beginning"


Explore our new interface and don't forget to PS your thoughts, we'll be waiting!


Best wishes,

Monica. R

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