Upload 20MB+ Files directly to WorkDrive

Upload 20MB+ Files directly to WorkDrive


I am a big fan of Zoho Forms & Workdrive. 
My work involves requesting for documents and information from clients. The size of a single document is around 100 - 150 MB.

Since Zoho Forms doesn't allow uploads above 20MB. I am left with the following options:
  1. Create external Workdrive folder for uploads
    I cannot do this for every client (impractical). And collecting field data is not possible.
  2. Use Zoho Forms and ask clients to send files to a workdrive email folder.
    Doable solution but the files need to be linked manually to the fields.
  3. Create Zoho Creator App
    Not doable because of limited storage
  4. Create a Google Form which allows bigger file sizes and uploads directly in Google Drive.
    Not doable because I want Zoho :)
I get good storage in Zoho Forms but I get more storage in WorkDrive. Also Workdrive files can be associated with other Zoho Apps.

The present Zoho Forms allows file uploads upto 20MB.

I suggest having a workflow where files above 20MB are allowed to be uploaded and is done directly in Zoho Workdrive. My Forms storage would also not get full.

Thank you for reading till here. I think this would be helpful for a lot of people.
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