Video Tip #4: Keep track with detailed Team Folder activities

Video Tip #4: Keep track with detailed Team Folder activities

Hello everyone, 
We're excited to be back with our video tip of the month. We hope these tips help the WorkDrive community learn more about the important features of your online collaboration software.

Zoho WorkDrive provides a detailed activity tab for you to get a bird's-eye view of everything happening in your Team Folder. The timeline shows activities such as upload, move, rename, share, trash, delete, and restore.

Activities can be tracked not only at a Team Folder level but also at file level of your Team Folder members, collaborators, and external users. Without having to get lost in a maze of edits, you can see a quick summary of who's made changes to your team files and when those changes were made in a snap.  

We hope you found this tip useful. If you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below or email us at
Stay tuned for more useful video tips every month from Zoho WorkDrive!

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