Webinar Resources: Transforming HR management using Zoho Sign with Zoho Recruit & Zoho People

Webinar Resources: Transforming HR management using Zoho Sign with Zoho Recruit & Zoho People


We conducted a webinar titled  'Transforming HR management using Zoho Sign with Zoho Recruit & Zoho People' on March 26, 2019.

You can watch the recording of this webinar in its entirety below. You can also find a copy of the deck from the session attached at the bottom of this post.

The following is a compilation of the questions attendees asked during the webinar and their respective answers. Questions have been edited or modified for grammar.

1. When we have Zoho Sign integrated with Zoho People and Recruit, are we able to see all the documents we’ve sent to an email/person inside Zoho Sign? Does this include all documents from the very start before we hire until the onboarding process?

Zoho Sign does indeed maintain separate records for all the documents you send from other applications you integrate it with. This includes every document you have ever sent, recalled, signed, or deleted on these applications using Zoho Sign. The document records along with the documents themselves can be viewed and managed inside Zoho Sign at any time.  Learn more.

2. How can we receive a notification when someone signs a document? Is it possible to receive notifications via email? Or are we required to set reminders using triggers in an automated sign workflow inside Recruit?

It isn't necessary to set up automated workflows to enable email notifications. You can enable them by configuring notification settings inside the Zoho Sign application to receive event-based email notifications for various actions that include the signing of a document. These settings will automatically apply to all the documents you send from other applications you integrate Zoho Sign with as well.  Learn more.

3. Is there a feature that reminds our signatories when they haven't signed a document?

The Zoho Sign application does have a reminder functionality that can be configured, in all document signing workflows, to send reminders to the signatories who haven't signed a document. To know how to set reminders for documents sent using Zoho Sign from Zoho Recruit or Zoho People, please refer to the webinar deck or recording.  Learn more.

4. Can I use Zoho Sign to automate sending out invoices to clients?

If you are looking to do this from the Invoices module inside Zoho CRM, then, yes, you can use the Deluge Runtime Environment (DRE) to create an automated workflow that uses the 'Send for Zoho Sign' functionality, to send invoices to clients. 

However, if you are looking to achieve this functionality from Zoho Invoice, please note that we are yet to release Zoho Sign's integration with Zoho Invoice. We will make an announcement shortly once it is available. 

If you require support to achieve a custom solution for your business use cases, please write to  support(at)zohosign(dot)com, and we will get back to you.

5. Does Zoho Sign presently integrate with Zoho Books and Zoho Projects?

We are actively working on these integrations for Zoho Sign. We will make an announcement once they are available. 

However, feel free to send us your specific use cases for any of these integrations at  support(at)zohosign(dot)com. We will then be able to validate them with what we are presently building and prioritize accordingly.

Feel free to share these resources with your team, friends, and anyone else who might find them useful.

Happy Signing!
Sai Anand
    Zoho Marketing Automation
      Zoho Mail - CRM Integration
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