What's New in Zoho Books - February 2017

What's New in Zoho Books - February 2017

Everyday we get lots of great feedback from our Customers. So this February, all we wanted to say is we love you too! And to celebrate your fabulousness, we have added a bunch of slick new features to Zoho Books. So, buckle up and read on What's New this February 2017. 

1.Introducing Zoho Checkout
Our newest addition to the Zoho Finance suite, Zoho Checkout, provides businesses an easy way to accept online payments. Add a touch of your company’s brand and style to your payment pages, and share on social media or email so your clients can pay immediately, even if you don’t have your own website. Read More

2.New in Zoho Books : Documents and Auto-scan
Streamline and store all your documents in one place. Quickly access files without searching through cumbersome paper trails and physical files. A document hub, receipt auto-scanning, and accounts payable automation all in one. Read More

3.Zoho Books - Zoho CRM Enhancements
With the new enhancement in Zoho Books - Zoho CRM integration, you can now search for the items using the SKU code and also add Custom fields to the line items.

You can select a template while creating/editing an Invoice or an Estimate under Zoho Books inside Zoho CRM.

4.New in Projects : Associate Projects and Estimates.
If you're a service based company, there may be couple of scenarios you may come across when it comes to creating estimates. 

Scenario 1: You send your client the estimate, your client accepts it and later you want to create the project from the estimate. 

Scenario 2: You have already created the project, decided the tasks and now you want to create Estimates for your Project. 

Scenario 3: Your client accepts your estimate but later, asks for a revised one. You send the revised estimate and he finally accepts it. Now, you have two estimates for a single project. Wouldn't it be great to have them all associated to a single project.

Now in Zoho Books, you can do all of the above.

5.Grid style view for line items

We have redesigned our item table structure. Grid lines have been added for line items. The new table layout offers reduced space between text fields and thus you get more horizontal space. This feature comes in handy if you are in Export business and need to add more attributes to your products like color, material, weight, etc.

6.Tracking your Vendor Advances
Earlier, vendor advances could only be tracked under Unearned Revenue or under an Asset account called Prepaid Expenses. Now with Zoho Books, you have the choice to pick any other current asset account in which the Vendor Advance needs to be tracked. Read More

7.Sales Order Reference Numbers added

When you create invoices now, you can easily track all the orders for which the invoice was generated. You can either choose a Sales Order number or a Reference number, making it easier for you to identify them.

8.Create Projects with the same name for different customers
If ever you've come across the need to create multiple projects with the same name, however different customers – you can do that now in Zoho Books. 

9.Recurring invoices for Projects

Businesses which run several long term projects and need to bill their clients at regular, repeat intervals can make use of the Recurring Invoice feature for Projects. You can set your invoices to be automatically sent to your customers by configuring their projects to a recurring schedule and bill them based on that. All you have to do is set up your recurring profile, while Zoho Books takes care of the rest.Read More

10.Credit Card Information Settings

Earlier, if you were entering your customer's credit card details or if your customer was entering it via the Client Portal, they would have had to enter the Credit Card Address Information as well. Now we give you an option to decide whether the card address needs to be shown or not.

Depending on your choice of gateway you can enable the necessary fields of the card address to be shown or to be made mandatory by making the preferences in Card Verification Settings.


11.e-check payments through Client portal

Zoho Books offers ACH payments via Authorize.Net and Forte gateways. Now you can Integrate to pay with an eCheck supported payment gateway to allow your customers to pay via their bank account.

12. More Mailing Options

We have added more mailing options to Zoho Books for you to add more details to your transactions.

- Add a signature automatically to every message
- Cc or Bcc your contacts.

These are the most important updates to start out fresh in this month. Do let us know your valuable feedback so that we can make Zoho Books continuously awesome for you.

Thanks for reading. See you next month! 


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