What's New in Zoho Books - February 2024

What's New in Zoho Books - February 2024

Hello users!

We're delighted to meet you with what's new in Zoho Books from the first month of 2024. Our latest updates bring you highly requested features like the M-PESA integration in the Kenya edition, aging summary in customer statements and other helpful enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Safaricom M-PESA Integration [Kenya Edition] 

The Safaricom M-PESA integration is now available in Zoho Books. M-PESA is a digital mobile payments service in Kenya that lets you seamlessly process payments using e-wallets. You can set up the integration and receive payments in the KES currency from your customers.

To set up the integration, go to Settings > Payment Gateways under Online Payments. Navigate to the Alternate Modes section from the side pane and click Set up Now near Safaricom M-PESA. Refer to this help document to learn more.

Enhanced Transaction Number Series
You can configure different transaction number series for your organization's branches right from Settings. You can configure the following options with this enhancement:
  • Include placeholders like the Fiscal Year Start Date, Fiscal Year End Date, and more in transaction number prefixes.
  • Configure when numbering should restart for your transaction series. This is helpful for businesses that reset transaction numbers on a regular basis to track the number of transactions created.
  • Prevent duplicate transaction numbers in your organization. This is only available for organizations in the Global and India editions. 
Note: This feature is available only in the Premium, Elite and Ultimate plans of Zoho Books. Visit our pricing page to for a comprehensive list of features in each plan. 

To configure this feature in your organization, go to Settings > Transaction Number Series under Customisation. Click the Enable Multiple Transaction Number Series button in the top-right corner of the page. 

Aging Summary in Customer Statements 

Display the aging summary of your customers' receivables and credits in their statements. The aging summary table displays the amount you're yet to receive from your customers over regular intervals like 0-30 days, 30-60 days, etc., starting from the latest selected date.

To enable aging summary, navigate to Settings > PDF Templates > Customer Statement. Click the Transaction Details section and mark the Aging Summary checkbox under Document Details.

Unique Customer and Vendor Numbers [Germany Edition]
You can now generate and associate unique customer and vendor numbers for your customers and vendors respectively. This way, you can prevent duplicate entries or errors when creating transactions for contacts with the same name. Once configured, you can choose to auto-generate customer or vendor numbers, if required.

To enable this, go to Settings > Customers and Vendors under Preferences. Mark the required checkboxes under Customer & Vendor Numbers.

Zoho Inventory Add-On Updates

Export Integrations Sync History
You now have the option to export the sync history of your records from active integrations in Marketplace. The sync history displays details of the records successfully synced, or failures. 

View In-Transit Stock in Item Details
Get a quick look at the stock details of items that are in transit to your warehouses. To do this, hover over the Stock On Hand column in the respective item's details page. You can also click to view the transfer orders associated to the items that are in transit.

Note: These updates are available only for organizations that have the Zoho Inventory Add-On enabled. 

Feature Enhancements

Export Current View Option for Custom Modules
Apply specific filters and export a copy of your records in custom modules using the Export Current View option. You can access this from the More dropdown in the top-right corner of the custom module.

Basic Calculator Support for Rate Fields in Transactions
Perform basic calculations in the Rate field in the item table in transactions. You can use the following arithmetic operators + - / * and parentheses ( ). This is helpful when you need to make quick tax deductions before entering item rates in transactions.

Additional VAT Treatment Options [UK Edition]
We've introduced VAT Exempt and Out of Scope, VAT treatment options for items. These options are available only for customers whose VAT treatment is selected as United Kingdom or Overseas Customer. Note that VAT Exempt can be applied only to items that are of the Type Service.

The Zoho Finance Workshop 2024 
Visit this page to register and for more details. 

That's it from us for this month's product updates! We hope the latest enhancements are helpful for your business. You can also visit the What's New Timeline for byte-sized information about our previous feature updates and enhancements.

We'll catch you in next month's product updates. Until then, if you require any assistance or need clarifications, feel free to write to us at support@zohobooks.com, we'd be happy to help!

Best regards,
The Zoho Books Team

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