What's New in Zoho Inventory - December 2020

What's New in Zoho Inventory - December 2020

With the year-end closing in on us, we hope to spread the holiday cheer with some exciting updates to Zoho Inventory. Read on to learn what's new this December.

Reconcile Physical Stock for Standalone Invoices & Bills

When you create a standalone invoice or bill (not associated with any order), only the accounting stock of the line items would be affected, leaving the physical stock unchanged. To overcome this discrepancy and match the physical stock with the accounting stock, you can mark the respective invoices or bills as Shipped or Received. This does not create a shipment order or purchase receive for the invoice or bill, rather, it simply accounts for the physical stock changes of the items involved.

If you select Physical Stock as your primary mode of stock tracking, you can choose whether you want to reconcile physical stock for standalone invoices and bills manually or automatically.

To switch your preference, click Change. If you choose to reconcile the physical stock automatically, Zoho Inventory will mark the direct invoice or bill as Shipped or Received automatically on creation.

To mark a direct invoice or bill as Shipped or Received manually:

1. Open the direct invoice or bill.

2. Click the Horizontal Ellipsis (...) icon on the menu bar.

3. Select the Mark as Shipped/Mark as Received option from the dropdown.

4. Confirm your action in the pop-up that follows.

To remove the shipping or receive status from the invoice or bill, follow the steps above and select the Undo Shipment/Undo Receive option from the dropdown. The physical stock changes for the items will also be undone.

Embed QR Codes on Invoices

Generate QR codes and display them on the footer of your invoice template. When your customers scan the QR code, they can open the invoice link or any other URL configured by you on their device.

Go to Settings > Preferences > Invoices and enable QR code for Invoices. Configure the URL and save.

The QR code will appear on your invoice.

View the Recent Transactions of a Line Item

Get a quick glance at the transactions involving a particular item from any transaction creation page. Simply click the Recent Transactions option under the Rate column to view the transaction history of the respective item.

Add Temporary Notes on Reports

You can now add a temporary note in the footer of your report while exporting the report as a PDF, XLS, or XLSX file. However, it will disappear from Zoho Inventory once you refresh the browser window.

Configure Role-based Permissions for Individual Reports

You can configure access to individual reports for each role and specify whether the users with that role can view, export, schedule, and share the report.

You can edit these permissions for existing roles or configure them when creating new roles.

Share Reports with Users

Apart from configuring role-based access to individual reports, you can now share specific reports with users of Zoho Inventory. You can select the users with whom you want to share the report and the level of permission they should have for accessing the report. Once you share a report, the user will be able to view and perform actions based on the permissions you have provided. Also, only admins and users who have the Share permission can share reports with other users.

To share a report, go to the Reports module, select any report and click the Share icon.

Try out these features and let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below or write to us at support@zoho-inventory.com.



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