What's New in Zoho Inventory - November 2019

What's New in Zoho Inventory - November 2019

The following are the new updates added to Zoho Inventory in the past month.

Add Item Header

You can now easily categorize items in your invoices and give them a common title using the Item Headers feature. To add an item header:
  • Go to the Invoices module.
  • Click the + New button in the top right corner.
  • Under Item Details, click the drop-down button next to Add Another Line and click Add Item Header.
  • Add the header name and press tab.
The Item Headers can be dragged and placed above any item.


Contextual Menu for Invoices

Select the action that you want to perform on an invoice without opening it using the contextual menu on the invoice list page.
You can also generate the invoice link and share it with your customer. On clicking the link, they will be able to view the details and make the payment.
To do so:
  • Go to the invoice list page.
  • Click the down arrow at the end of the row.
  • Click the Share Invoice Link option.
  • Choose who can access this link under Visibility.
  • Select an expiration date post which the invoice link becomes inaccessible.
  • Click Generate Link.
  • Click Copy Link and send it to your customer via instant messaging or any other medium.

Field Customization and Custom Field Usage Stats

The Custom Field tab has been renamed as Field Customization where you can create additional fields for the modules.
We have improvized this module by adding a Custom Field Usage stats option where you can and keep track of the number of custom fields you've used and the fields remaining for the particular module. This helps you to use the custom fields wisely based on the availability.


View Invoice Details within the Sales Order

If you have associated invoices with a sales order, you can have a quick glance at its details from the sales order itself.
To do so:
  • Go to Sales Orders.
  • Open a sales order with invoice associated.
  • Go to the Comments & History tab.
  • Click View the Invoice link. A tab will open from the right with the details of the invoice.


Likewise, you can view the bill details from purchase orders.

Payments Received & Payments Made Modules

We have introduced separate modules to manage your payments received and payments made. Here, you will be able to record new payments and view the existing payments recorded against bills and invoices.

Let us know your thoughts on these features in the comments. Until next time!

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