What's New on Zoho Marketplace for October 2019

What's New on Zoho Marketplace for October 2019

Zoho Marketplace, home to 750+ extensions, added 16 new ones in October to help you increase productivity and collaborate better by extending the power of Zoho. 

AeroLeads for Zoho CRM

Get the data your CRM is missing with AeroLeads. Find email addresses, phone numbers, and other details about prospects, and transfer them to Zoho CRM. Check out the extension here

LinkedIn Finder for Zoho CRM

Helps to identify your leads and contacts on LinkedIn, so you can build a closer connection with them and increase your business opportunities. Check out the extension here.

MOBtexting SMS for Zoho CRM

Send SMS messages to leads and contacts from within Zoho CRM. Check out the extension here.


Make calls directly from Zoho CRM, log them automatically, and add notes about your current conversations. Check out the extension here

Bulutsantralim for Zoho CRM

Bulutsantralim is a cloud-based software switch for secure and cost-effective telecommunications. Initiate, schedule, hold/mute, and hang up calls. You can also list successful or missed calls, listen to call recordings, and get call reports all within Zoho. Check out the extension here.

Anura for Zoho CRM

Integrate, simplify, and organize your company's communications over the internet. Make calls directly from Zoho CRM upon integration. Check out the extension here.

Dialoga PBX for Zoho CRM

With Dialoga PBX, your company can have a PBX based on WebRTC technology without having to acquire additional hardware. WebRTC integrates directly into your browser, allowing you to communicate easily and receive calls right on your computer screen. Check out the extension here.

Calendly - Zoho CRM Sync

Schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails. Book meetings and classes, view appointment histories, and maintain client details all from within Zoho CRM. Check out the extension here.

Plecto for Zoho CRM

Showcase your Zoho data in Plecto. This product is a great tool for removing manual and repetitive tasks. Free up your time, and focus on what is essential: growing your business. Check out the extension here.

247Jeeves AI Sales and Services Concierge for Zoho CRM

Add a sale, FAQ, and service bot all in one go. With it, you can qualify prospects to your Zoho CRM, answer questions at all hours, and support your customers whenever they need. Check out the extension here.

VoIPstudio for Zoho CRM

Enables sales and support teams to offer outstanding customer experiences. Get benefits such as click-to-call and call pop-ups, seamless synchronization of customer data, full call control with our intuitive softphone, and detailed call history and reporting. Check out the extension here.

SalesBenefits for Zoho CRM

Calculates commissions for your sales team members based on your Zoho CRM data. Check out the extension here.

Zoho Desk - Workflow Max Integration

WorkflowMax is a time tracking and invoicing solution that can be integrated with Zoho Desk to manage resources and billing. Check out the extension here

Zoho Desk - Zoom Integration

Integrating Zoom with Zoho Desk's UI makes scheduling meetings between your agents and customer easier, improving communication. Check out the extension here.

zPlugin Zoho Books Boleto Bancario

Turn your Zoho Books into a bank booster issuer with the Boleto.Cloud "boleto" platform. With this, you can issue bank statements for your invoices in Zoho Books. Check out the extension here.


This app is designed to streamline manuscript reviewing for publishing houses. Assign submissions to editors for quick approval. Get notified when a new submission is received, and notify authors about their submission's status. Receive multiple submissions from the same author, and keep track of them individually. Check out the app here.

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