What's New in Zoho Payroll [Indian Edition]: August 2020

What's New in Zoho Payroll [Indian Edition]: August 2020

Hello everyone,


We hope you're doing well. This month, we've rolled out a couple of new updates in Zoho Payroll to enhance your payroll processing experience, and we're delighted to share them with you.

Bulk download payslips and TDS worksheets from prior payroll

Once you've imported your prior payroll details in Zoho Payroll, payslips and TDS worksheets will be generated for employees in their respective payroll files. You can now download all these payslips and TDS worksheets at once. To download:
  • Go to the Pay Runs module, and click the Payroll History tab.
  • Click the prior pay run that you want to download the payslip or TDS sheets. Prior payrolls are categorized as Past Payroll.

  • Click the More icon, and select Download all payslips or Download all TDS worksheets.
  • Choose where you want to save the file on your device, and the file will be downloaded.

Delete previously generated Form 24Q Annexure II reports

You can now delete any previously generated Form 24Q Annexure II report from the Reports module. This option exists in case a Form 24Q report was generated with any issues, such as inconsistencies in payment records.
To generate the Form 24Q Text File, you need to first record your TDS payments for the fiscal year.
To record payments:
  • Go to Taxes & Forms > TDS payments.
  • Click View Details on the pending payment draft.
  • Click Record Challan.
  • Enter the necessary details and click Save.

After this, generate the
Form 24Q Text File.
  • Go to Taxes & Forms > Form 24Q.
  • Click View Details on the pending Form 24Q draft.
  • Click Generate Text File.

A corresponding report will also be available in the Reports module under Taxes and Forms > Form 24Q. Here, select the fiscal year and view the report. If you want to delete the existing report and generate a new one, you can do so by clicking the Trash icon on the top-right corner of the report.

Variable pay earnings report

We have introduced a report to view details of the variable pay earnings given to your employees during the fiscal year. This report will be useful in analysing payroll expenses incurred for bonus pay, gratuity, and other non-regular payroll earnings. You can customise this report to display details according to the type of variable earnings paid.
To view this report, go to Reports > Payroll Overview > Variable Pay Earnings Report. Here, you can select an earnings type and a time period to view the list of employees who received this pay.

Post a banner message in the ESS portal

You can convey important messages to your employees through the Employee Self-Service portal. The message will be displayed as a banner at the top of the ESS homepage for all employees to see. To post a banner message in the ESS portal:
  • Go to Settings > Preferences > Employee Portal > Banner message.
  • Enter your message in the text box.
  • Select the date that you want the message to be displayed until from the calendar. The message will be removed after the selected date.
  • Click Save.

We hope these enhancements make your payroll process smoother. Give them a try, and drop a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We always love to hear from you! If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@zohopayroll.com.

The Zoho Payroll Team

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