What's New in Zoho Payroll [Indian Edition]: October 2020

What's New in Zoho Payroll [Indian Edition]: October 2020

Hello everyone,

We are delighted to announce a timely and important feature update in Zoho Payroll for this month: you can now pause loan deductions temporarily for employees. Read on to learn about this and our other interesting enhancements for this month.

Pause loan deductions

During difficult times, like the current economic disruption, you may want to support your employees with some financial relief measures. One such measure would be to pause loan repayments temporarily until the situation gets better. In Zoho Payroll, you can now use the loan pause option to pause employees' loan deductions temporarily.
To pause loan repayments:
  • Go to the Loans module.
  • Select the employee for whom you want to halt the loan repayments temporarily.
  • Click the More icon (three horizontal dots) in the top right corner and select Pause Instalment Deduction.

  • You can choose to pause the loan instalment deductions immediately or from a scheduled month.
  • If you've selected On Scheduled Month, choose the month from which the instalments need to be paused.
  • Select the month from which you want to resume the loan deductions.
  • Enter a reason and click Save.

The loan deductions will be paused for the employee for the selected period.

View the consolidated TDS worksheet for all employees

Employers are required to project the taxes for their employees and deduct them from the employees' salaries every month. Zoho Payroll automatically projects the taxes based on the investment declarations made by the employees. You can view each employee's TDS worksheet while processing the pay run. You can also download the consolidated TDS worksheet containing the TDS details of all your employees to cross-reference your TDS payments or accounts.

To download the consolidated TDS report:
  • Go to the Pay Runs module.
  • Run the payroll for the month.
  • In the payroll overview page, click Export Data in the top right corner of the employee summary and select Payroll Data.

  • From the dropdown, select TDS Worksheet Report and click Export.

You will be prompted to select a location to save the report and it will be downloaded to your device.

Edit personal details of terminated employees

Let's say you've terminated an employee from your organisation but you want to keep their updated contact info for future communication. Zoho Payroll allows you to edit personal information, such as personal email address or PAN, of employees after they've been terminated.
To edit a terminated employee's personal information:
  • Go to the Employees module.
  • From the Employee Type filter dropdown on the top-left corner, select Terminated Employees.
  • Click the terminated employee for whom you want to edit the personal details.
  • Click the Edit icon next to Personal Information.

  • Make necessary changes and click Save.

Import restricted PF contribution amount for employees

Zoho Payroll offers the option to pro-rate PF wages—in other words, to restrict the EPF contribution amount to a certain value, such as ₹15,000. You can restrict the EPF contribution amount for a few of your employees or at the organisational level.
To restrict the EPF contribution amount for select employees:
  • Go to the Employees module.
  • Click the More icon and select Import Data.

  • From the dropdown, select Employee Statutory Details and click Proceed.
  • In your file, provide the following details:
    • Employee ID
    • Employee EPF Percent
    • Employer EPF Percent
    • Employee Restricted Basic Amount
    • Employer Restricted Basic Amount
  • Once you have your file ready, click the Cloud icon and upload it.
  • Choose Skip or Overwrite to handle each duplicate entry.
  • Select the right character encoding format from the dropdown menu and click Next.
  • In the Field Mapping page, map all the import fields in the file with the Zoho Payroll fields.
  • Make sure the mandatory fields are mapped correctly.
  • Select Next.
  • In the Preview page, review the records skipped and the unmapped fields.
  • Click Import to import the data.

Now the EPF contribution will be restricted to the specified value for those employees.

We hope these enhancements make your payroll process easier. Give them a try, and drop a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We always love to hear from you! If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@zohopayroll.com.

Supriya A
The Zoho Payroll Team

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