What's new on Zoho Marketplace for April 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for April 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses 950+ extensions to help you improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in April 2020.

Mapsly: Map extension for Zoho CRM
View and edit your leads, contacts, accounts, and any other Zoho CRM objects (including those from custom modules) on Google Maps. Slice them into layers, build optimized routes, and much more without leaving your Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

IDX Broker Extension for Zoho CRM
No more switching accounts between IDX and Zoho CRM to view or edit data. Use the IDX Broker Extension for Zoho CRM and sync broker agents and leads across both platforms. Check out the extension here.

Twilio SMS for Zoho CRM
Send SMS directly from your Zoho CRM's Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals modules. Save incoming SMS messages as client replies. Use Zoho CRM Workflows, and set up SMS drip marketing campaigns. Learn more here.

Flowgear Integration for Zoho CRM
Use the Flowgear integration to integrate Zoho CRM with third-party applications, systems, APIs, and databases, all from a single interface with zero coding. Pick from 200+ pre-built connectors and workflow templates. Learn more here.

Postcode Address Finder for Zoho CRM
Validate critical address details, eliminate data entry issues, and save valuable time. Connect Zoho CRM to Postcode Address finder and access the online database of UK addresses, allowing you to search, validate, and add your customer addresses into Zoho CRM. Check out the extension here.

Credit Data Direct Extension for Zoho CRM
View leads' and customers' credit scores in Zoho CRM. Access loan calculators to enable loan comparison analysis and compute loan offers, which can be emailed to customers without leaving Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

Zoho Workdrive For Zoho CRM
Save, share, and collaborate on Workdrive folders and files from within Zoho CRM. When new files are created under a contact in Zoho CRM, automatically add corresponding files to the Workdrive folder. Check out the extension here.

Zoho Inventory Extension for Zoho CRM
Eliminate the need for manual data entry by syncing the details automatically, and keep your sales and inventory teams on the same level. Manage your marketing, support, and inventory from one tab by integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Inventory. Learn more here.

Zoho Subscriptions Integration for Zoho CRM
Automate recurring billing and manage customer subscriptions better. Empower your sales team with valuable subscription information right in their Zoho CRM view. Check out the extension here.

Zoho Books for Zoho CRM
Let your sales team record estimates, sales orders, and invoices directly from Zoho CRM, without having to switch between apps. Make collaboration easy for your sales and finance teams, and avoid duplicate data entries. Check out the extension here.

Fractel for Zoho 
Connect Zoho CRM with Fractel and benefit from an extensive suite of business features, call center functionality, mobility applications, and automation tools from within Zoho CRM. Enable screen pop-ups, click-to-dial, call logging, and more. Learn more here.

Acefone for Zoho 
Maintain seamless communication at all times. Integrate Acefone with Zoho CRM, and enable click-to-call functionality, call pop-ups, and other useful features within Zoho CRM. Check out the extension here.

IPCortex Integration for Zoho CRM
Handle customer enquiries more effectively by locating the incoming caller’s record, including key information and a log of previous communications. Enable call pop-ups, click-to-dial, and more in Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

Download All Attachments for Zoho Desk
Quickly download groups of files with just a few clicks. Download all files attached to individual ticket threads or the attachment tab as a single ZIP file, or select indiviual files to be downloaded by clicking the checkbox provided next to each file name. Learn more here.

Zoho Sign for Zoho Desk
Create legally binding business documents for time-sensitive support operations directly from Zoho Desk. Add documents to Zoho Sign from your device or from the attachments in your ticket threadsto set up e-sign workflows and collect signatures. Learn more here. 

Upsales for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Target customers based on chosen parameters, enable digital signatures to close deals faster, and schedule customized reports that can be sent to your team from inside Zoho Desk. Check out the extension here.

Github for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Connect Github's developer platform to Zoho Desk, let your customer support agents easily track issues added to GitHub repositories without leaving Zoho Desk and more. Check out the extension here.

Zoho Commerce for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Automatically create support tickets for orders placed on Zoho Commerce. Allow your agents to track orders and communicate with customers without leaving Zoho Desk. Learn more here.

OnePageCRM for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Bridge the gap between contacts and opportunites. Manage OnePage CRM contacts, accounts, and opportunities from within Zoho Desk and stay on top of every new deal in the pipeline. Learn more here.

Insightly CRM for Zoho Mail
Access, manage, and update your Insightly CRM info within Zoho Mail. Add the sender details from emails to Insightly CRM as leads or contacts, right from your inbox, without having to switch tabs. Check out the extension here.

Vonage for Zoho Recruit
Send SMS and voice messages to your candidates and contacts right from within Zoho Recruit. Get more targeted and personalized with your outreach by contacting candidates via SMS and voice messages. Check out the extension here.

Spark Hire Video Interview Extension for Zoho Recruit
Easily connect with candidates and improve collaboration with hiring managers. Enable recruiters to invite candidates for one-way and live video interviews through Zoho Recruit. Completed interviews can be quickly reviewed or shared. Learn more here.

OneDrive for Zoho Projects
Access your OneDrive account within your Zoho Projects interface and link the relevant documents or resources available in OneDrive with your Zoho Projects. Check out the extension here.

Link4 Extension for Zoho Books
Avoid errors in data entry and speed up accounting operations. Receive invoices right in your Zoho Books account and instantly send invoices directly from your Zoho Books to your customers. Check out the extension here.

Message Media for Zoho Campaigns
Create SMS campaigns, send them to your customers, and analyze their reports based on performance activities such as delivery rates, ignored contacts, and more. Learn more here.

Employee rewards
Employee rewards is a peer-to-peer employee rewards program created using Zoho Creator. Give you employees a way to communicate their appreciation for their coworkers by awarding points that can be redeemed for items they choose. Check out the application here.

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