What's new on Zoho Marketplace for December 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for December 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses 1000+ extensions to help improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in December 2020.

Duocom for Zoho
Integrate Duocom with your Zoho product and access all your telephony functions within Zoho. Receive, make, and record phone calls without leaving Zoho. Learn more

Xtend for Zoho CRM
Automate inbound and outbound calls and manage peak call center loads through efficient call handling, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Campaign Management, Voice Recording, Conferencing, and much more. Learn more

99acres Extension for Zoho CRM
Pull all customer inquiries from 99acres and push them to Zoho CRM so you can view them without switching between screens. Categorize 99acres leads based on projects and lead source and distribute those leads among CRM users with ease. Learn more

Whatsapp and Instagram integration by Wazzup for Zoho CRM
Interact with clients using a means of communication that is convenient for them, right from Zoho CRM. Use the Wazzup extension to integrate WhatsApp and Instagram with Zoho CRM and send/receive texts, photos, documents, and emojis from Zoho CRM. Learn more

Pipedream Extension for Zoho CRM
Build workflows that connect Zoho CRM with thousands of other apps and streamline your business processes. Add steps to run the Node.js code (using virtually any npm package) and perform pre-built actions. Learn more

Labs64 NetLicensing Extension for Zoho CRM
Integrate your customers' entitlements in NetLicensing with Zoho CRM. The extension will automatically add a new "Customer Number" field to the Accounts module, which will be used to retrieve all available licenses for a particular vendor. Learn more

Global Address Finder for Zoho CRM
Collect, validate, and automatically enter exact street addresses in your Zoho CRM from a database of over 249 countries around the world using Global Address Finder. Learn more

OSync for ZohoCRM - Salesloft Integration
Extend and improve your sales process for a better buying experience and better sales engagement by syncing data between your SalesLoft and Zoho CRM accounts. Learn more

Auto Gender and Salutation Detection for Zoho CRM
Reduce the amount of effort put into contact maintenance and improve your data quality. Automatically determine the gender and form salutation based on the first name and country of origin. Learn more

Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM 
Enable your sales teams to cooperate smoothly with their operations and dispatch team on Arrivy and seamlessly hand off tasks while providing an engaging customer experience. Learn more

G-Connector for Zoho CRM 
Pull your Zoho CRM data into Google Sheets so you can edit it and then push it back to CRM. Schedule automatic data syncs with Zoho CRM, create data snapshots, and monitor your Zoho CRM data. Do more, faster. Learn more

DHL Extension For Zoho CRM
Integrate Zoho CRM with the DHL extension to easily track your DHL shipments using DHL tracking numbers in Zoho CRM. Get the shipping rate for different delivery options without having to swap between applications. Learn more

Accurate Investigation Services For Zoho Recruit
Activate the Accurate Investigation Services background and pre-employment screening integration on Zoho Recruit and allow recruiters to order background checks, credential verifications, drug and health screenings, motor vehicle and Form I-9 or E-Verify reports from Zoho Recruit. Learn more

SkillSurvey Reference Extension for Zoho Recruit
Enable users to submit candidates for a SkillSurvey Reference check and access a finalized report right from Zoho Recruit. Save time and allow recruiters to track the candidate process and easily access the final report for future use in Zoho Recruit. Learn more

ServiceNow For Zoho Cliq
Manage workflows and reduce the complexity of your work. Raise and resolve incidents instantly and stay updated with their progress on Zoho Cliq using the ServiceNow extension. Learn more

Twilio SMS and WhatsApp Integration for Zoho Cliq
Integrate Twilio SMS and WhatsApp with Zoho Cliq and get all your messages delivered right to Cliq. This extension supports both incoming and outgoing messages with attachments. Use the "/twilio" command to send your messages from Cliq through Twilio. Learn more

MYOB for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Send branded invoices, track expenses, and enable recurring invoices to manage subscriptions. Create tickets for MYOB customers and share invoices and estimate information without leaving Zoho Desk. Learn more

Burst SMS for Zoho Desk
Send outbound messages and receive inbound messages as tickets in Zoho Desk. Integrate BurstSMS with Zoho Desk to access your BurstSMS account from within Zoho Desk. Learn more 

Zoho CRM for Zoho Desk
Give your sales and support teams a holistic view of your customers by maintaining a single customer and product database that is always in sync. Cross-sell effectively, send timely responses, and retain unhappy customers. Learn more

Bigin for Zoho Desk
Keep track of all customer ticket information from within your Bigin account. Enable your salespeople to access the support data associated with all of their customer records so they can make contextual and better-informed sales calls. Learn more

APPSeCONNECT Integration for Zoho Commerce with Dynamics 365 Business Central
Automatically sync the information and address details for online registered customers from Zoho Commerce to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Sync Orders from Zoho Commerce to the Sales Order section of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Learn more

APPSeCONNECT Integration for Zoho Commerce with SAP Business One
Integrate Zoho Commerce with the SAP Business One Back Office ERP system to streamline your order processing. Ensure a secure, bi-directional, and fully automated exchange of critical business data such as customers, items, stock, sales orders, and more. Learn more

DATEV Export for Zoho Books
Avoid redoing the same work by automatically importing all accounting-related data invoices, credit notes, bills, vendor credits, expenses, any bank or cash transactions from Zoho Books into DATEV. Learn more

Jira for Zoho Projects powered by Zoho Flow 
Access crucial information from Jira without leaving Zoho Projects and create projects for clients who are JIRA users from Zoho Projects. Sync any change in projects, issues, comments, and issue statuses made in JIRA with Zoho Projects in real-time. Learn more

Zoho Sprints for Zoho Show 
Insert Zoho Sprints cards with the details of your projects directly into your slides on Show. Visualize project progress using smart elements, charts, and tables and create engaging presentations for your project stakeholders without switching tabs. Learn more

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