What's new on Zoho Marketplace for June 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for June 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses over 980 extensions to help you improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in June 2020.

Badger Maps for Zoho CRM
Integrate Badger Maps with Zoho CRM to enable users to combine Google Maps, Zoho CRM data, route optimization, schedule planning, and lead generation all into one platform to close deals quicker and easier. Learn more

Exact Online integration for Zoho CRM
Keep your sales and finance teams on the same page when it comes to client information and access a consolidated view of the client's profile from one screen. Synchronize accounts, contacts, invoices, and products between Zoho CRM and Exact Online. Learn more

Commercient SYNC for SAGE100 Contractor and Zoho CRM
Eliminate the time-consuming process of switching between systems to gather the data you need. Commercient's SYNC application allows data to be integrated unidirectionally or bidirectionally between Sage 100 Contractor and Zoho CRM. Learn more

Clearbit for Zoho CRM
View details about your leads, such as personal and company details, social media contacts, and more with just the lead's email address. Integrate Clearbit with Zoho CRM and be prepared to meet the right contact with confidence. Learn more  

Walk Score for Zoho CRM
Integrate Walk Score with Zoho CRM to view the Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score for any address, right from your Zoho CRM. Easily gather scores and promote your properties. Learn more

Pics.io Extension for Zoho CRM
Access digital assets from your Pics.io library and attach them to specific leads in Zoho CRM. Have all your assets centralized for each customer and access them any time within Zoho CRM. Learn more

MessageBird Multichannel Communication for Zoho CRM
Receive messages from your customers in Zoho CRM as records in the Message History module. Reply to them right there in CRM and the replies will be delivered to the user as messages in the respective platform. MessageBird supports SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Line, and more. Learn more

Yuboto SMS Extension for Zoho CRM
Send SMS messages directly from your Zoho Leads and Contacts modules. Reach individual recipients with custom messages or communicate with many customers at once with bulk campaigns. Learn more

TurboSMS Sender for Zoho CRM
Integrate TurboSMS Sender with Zoho CRM and send SMS messages to the mobile numbers of your leads or contacts from Zoho CRM. Users can send SMS messages from the Activity module and bulk messages from the Campaigns module of Zoho CRM. Learn more

Voximplant SIP Webphone Extension for Zoho CRM
Use the Voximplant SIP Webphone extension for Zoho CRM to increase the efficiency of your communication with customers using advanced telephony features like click to call, call transfers, and more. Learn more

RingCentral SMS for Zoho CRM
Connect RingCentral SMS to Zoho CRM and send bulk messages to all your leads and contacts using your RingCentral phone number. All the text communication will be stored under "Activities" for each record in Zoho CRM. Learn more

Business Card Reader for Zoho CRM
Snap a photo of a business card and instantly import all card data into Zoho CRM. Moreover, find out additional information about your potential client, partner, or colleague from the database of daaata.io. Learn more

Map Plotter for Zoho CRM
Identify leads and allocate them to the right sales teams based on where they are. Locate leads on maps, manage campaigns by geographical area, and gain critical insights into your business performance. Learn more

ZSquared Connector for Zoho CRM
Save time and improve accuracy by automating order, product, payment, and inventory synchronization between your Zoho CRM and your WooCommerce Store. Learn more

Zoho CRM 2 Google Map Address Finder
Reduce keystrokes and autopopulate customer details while saving contact information in Zoho CRM. The extension works in the Leads, Contacts, and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM. Learn more

Zoho CRM 2 ClickSend
Drive customer acquisition and retention through SMS campaigns. Send custom SMS messages to individual customers or schedule bulk SMS for up to 100 customers in one go. Learn more

Zoho CRM 2 Moodle (Advanced)
Integrate records from standard Zoho CRM modules such as Contacts, Deals (Enrollments), Products (Courses), and custom modules like Grades to your Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Learn more

PBXCloud Extension for Zoho CRM
Increase productivity alongside enhancing your workflow. Work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection using PBXCloud, and integrate it with Zoho CRM to benefit from features like auto-call logging, call pop-ups, and more. Learn more

Harvest for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Track all your different Harvest projects from inside Zoho Desk. With time entries being sent to Zoho Desk, the extension makes it easy to bill your clients for the time spent on their tasks. Learn more

LateShipment.com for Zoho Desk
Create delivery-related tickets, track parcels, and send delivery updates to customers in real time without leaving Zoho Desk. Learn more

SugarCRM for Zoho Desk
Handle customer relationships better from Zoho Desk by enabling support agents to access contacts, leads, and account information when they’re working on Zoho Desk tickets. Learn more

Twilio Bulk SMS and multiple number support for Zoho Desk
Receive SMS messages as Zoho Desk tickets, and send replies to your customers' phone numbers without leaving Zoho Desk. Send bulk messages or individual custom messages. Learn more

Todoist for Zoho Mail
Create new projects directly from Zoho Mail without logging into your Todoist account. Save time and effort while keeping the project team on track with their daily tasks. Learn more

Zoho Sprints for Zoho Mail
Manage your work items and sprints directly from Zoho Mail. Get a consolidated view of all your projects and work items, convert any email to a work item, and view all your work items across different views. Learn more

Zoho Meeting for Zoho Mail
Access all your online meeting tools from Zoho Mail, and manage your meetings using the eWidget created upon integration. Start, join, and schedule meetings without switching tabs from your inbox. Learn more

Criteria for Zoho Recruit
Administer assessments from Criteria’s comprehensive portfolio of assessments—including aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills tests—from within Zoho Recruit. Learn more

Outlook for Zoho Recruit
Enhance productivity and make it easier for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies to source candidates and add contacts within MS Outlook. View and manage candidates and contacts who already exist in your Recruit account and associate job openings and tags with candidates from within Outlook. Learn more

Gmail for Zoho Recruit
Add candidates and contacts to Zoho Recruit from your Gmail interface. Avoid data duplication by identifying existing candidates and contacts in your Zoho Recruit account. Associate contacts with your clients while adding them to your Zoho Recruit database and more. Learn more

Kaptiche Automated Invoice & Bill Processing for Zoho Inventory
Eliminate manual data entry by auto-populating fields from various uploaded bills. Upload bills in different formats including PDF and Kaptiche, will auto-populate the extracted fields into Zoho Inventory and generate bills in the Bills module. Learn more

ZSquared Connector for Zoho Inventory
Automatically send WooCommerce store orders to Zoho Inventory in real time. Sync details, price, and quantities from your WooCommerce store with Zoho Inventory and more. Learn more

Zoho Sprints for Zoho Cliq
Map projects to Zoho Cliq channels, add new work items, schedule meetings, and log hours, all without leaving the Zoho Cliq interface. Learn more

Zoho Mail for Zoho Cliq
Use the slash commands in Zoho Cliq to view and share your Zoho Mail tasks in Cliq. Add new ones to the streams and groups of your choice to start discussions about them. Learn more

Goto webinar for Zoho BugTracker
Learn and grow together as a team by scheduling webinars for issues from within Zoho BugTracker. The details of scheduled webinars along with the links to join are available in the Comments section of issues. Learn more

CRM4 Travel Agency
A simplified CRM for travel agencies: capture and track leads and turn them into clients through SMS, email, and social media marketing campaigns. Sell tourist packages from the tour operators' catalog, or design personalized trips, combining destinations, lodgings, transportation services, etc. all within a single platform. Learn more 

Exped Manager
Manage Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions and outdoor learning events using Exped Manager. The system is a custom Zoho Creator application designed for licensed organizations, award centers, and AAPs. Learn more

Integrate Dropbox with Zoho Creator and store employee details as a text file of less than 0.5 MB, taking up minimal space in your Dropbox folder. Share these files with multiple people via custom messages. Learn more

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