What's new on Zoho Marketplace for March 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for March 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses 940+ extensions to help you improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in March 2020.

Zoho Forms for Zoho Sites
Create customized forms, track their performance, build and share reports, and configure email notifications with the Zoho Forms integration for Sites. To learn more, click here.

Zoho CRM for Zoho Sites 
Collect and manage leads using form elements like web-to-lead, web-to-contact, and web-to-case. Get subscribers, inquiries, and contact information, which in turn helps improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales. Find out more here.

MarketingHub for Zoho Sites
Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels and control all your marketing efforts from one place. Make better marketing decisions by integrating MarketingHub to Zoho Site. Learn more here.

Zoho SalesIQ for Zoho Sites 
Understand your customers better by monitoring how they interact with your website. Connect with customers and deliver efficient customer support through your existing website using the chat feature from Zoho SalesIQ. Find out more here.

PageSense for Zoho Sites 
Set website goals, measure performance against your business objectives, and define your visitor-to-customer journey, all from one place. Understand your visitors' online behavior and give everyone a personalized website experience. Click here to learn more.

Mailchimp for Zoho Sites 
Auto-populate your Mailchimp mailing lists from your website. Create, send, and track email campaigns to build a strong customer base and promote your business through beautifully designed campaigns and powerful data analysis. Find out more here.

Google Analytics for Zoho Sites 
Analyze your website traffic and measure visitor engagement with your website. Receive daily alerts about your website metrics, as well as a detailed look at your Google Analytics, and stay up-to-date at all times. Learn more here.

Zoho Campaigns for Zoho Sites 
Integrate your existing Zoho site with Zoho Campaigns and create intriguing email campaigns to promote your business. Auto-populate your mailing lists from your website and build a strong customer base. Stay up-to-date with dynamic data analysis alerts and details. Click here to learn more.

Social Plugins for Zoho Sites 
Allow your visitors to directly share your website content across social media channels through this social share app. Choose social share buttons for various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Learn more here.

WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM
Initiate WhatsApp messages to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Deals modules directly from Zoho CRM. Use pre-defined WhatsApp message templates with placeholders for various fields, so values can be filled in automatically. Learn more here.

Google Sheets to Zoho CRM Sync
Push your leads, contacts, and any other information from Google Sheets to Zoho CRM with a few clicks. Let your team keep updating on Google Sheets, since not everyone in an organization may be required to have CRM access. Find out more here. 

Payway Extension for Zoho CRM 
Process payments for your Zoho CRM invoices with ease. Draft invoices and send payment links to customers, refund and cancel payment transactions, and view payment status and transaction history from Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

Intermedia Unite for Zoho CRM 
Make calls, access relevant customer data with screen pop-ups on incoming calls, create records, and automatically manage your call activities directly through Zoho CRM. Find out more here.

Verified WhatsApp Business for Zoho CRM by Woztell
Handle WhatsApp messages from your customers efficiently from Zoho CRM. Integrate your verified WhatsApp Business account with Zoho CRM to send and receive text messages, images, and all kinds of files without leaving Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

CloudCTI for Zoho CRM
Save time and boost productivity by integrating CloudCTI with Zoho CRM. Benefit from advanced telephony features like click-to-call, screen pop-ups and automatic all recording. Find out more here.

RingCentral Video For Zoho CRM
Launch your online meetings directly from Zoho CRM. Schedule or start instant online meetings with screen sharing from Zoho CRM and track meetings in Activity History. Learn more here.

CallConnect extension for Zoho CRM 
Manage both incoming and outgoing calls from Zoho CRM. Import Zoho CRM customer information to CallConnect and enjoy telephony features such as click-to-call and automatic call recording. Find out more here.

Plivo SMS for Zoho CRM
Instantly send SMS messages using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Reach your customers at the right time using the "Schedule SMS" feature and send messages exactly when you plan them. Find out more here.

Twilio SMS Extensions for Zoho CRM
Enjoy bi-directional text messaging and allow your staff to send and receive SMS messages from Zoho CRM leads and contacts without logging in to Twilio. You can send custom SMS messages to individual customers or bulk SMS messages to up to 100 customers at the same time and do much more. Check out the extension here.

PostgreSQL Easy Sync for Zoho CRM
Import data from Zoho CRM modules into tables in your PostgreSQL database to eliminate the need to back up data manually. Update changes in Zoho CRM records, including creations and modifications to PostgreSQL database, and schedule synchronization when needed. Learn more here.

Kendo for Zoho CRM
Find prospects' emails with a single click and automatically sync their contact info with your Zoho account. Identify both personal and company emails of your contacts without navigating to their LinkedIn profile page. Find out more here.

Shopify for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Easily create tickets for Shopify customers and track their order information without leaving the Zoho Desk interface. Keep track of your new Shopify customers and update an existing ticket created for orders when customers modify or cancel their Shopify orders. Learn more here.

BigCommerce for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Create tickets for BigCommerce customers and track their order information through Zoho Desk. Create an escalation ticket when a customer abandons their cart in your online store and much more. Check out the extension here.

Insightly CRM for Zoho Desk 
Keep your sales and support teams in sync. Allow agents to access Insightly CRM’s Contacts, Opportunity, and Notes information from the Zoho Desk. Find out more here.

Vimeo for Zoho Desk 
Fetch all comments from a particular video or channel automatically and create a Zoho Desk ticket out of them. Reply to the comment directly from Zoho Desk and that reply will be added to the comment on Vimeo. Find out more here.

MessageBird multichannel tickets for Zoho Desk
Receive tickets in Zoho Desk for every message from users and reply to them directly from Zoho Desk. Your replies are delivered as messages to the user in the respective platform. MessageBird supports SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Line, and more. Check out the extension here.

Calendly Events for Zoho Desk
View customer appointments booked on Calendly as events in Zoho Desk. Send out Calendly appointment links from a Zoho Desk ticket so customers can easily schedule an appointment. Enhance productivity on both sales and support fronts. Learn more here.

Plivo SMS for Zoho Desk
Send and recieve SMS from Zoho Desk. Receive SMS and MMS from your customers as tickets in Zoho Desk and send agent replies from Desk as SMS or MMS directly to the customer's mobile number. Find out more here.

Zoho Mail for Plesk
Set up email hosting for Zoho Mail using the Plesk extension, which features single-click configuration of MX records and easy domain registration process. Learn more here.

Adobe Sign for Zoho Mail 
Send documents to anyone over email to get them signed digitally. Additionally, you can define the place of signature in the documents and even get email notifications on the signing status. Learn more here.

Integromat for Zoho Mail 
Create a scenario in Integromat and connect your Zoho Mail account to set automations across different platforms. For example, when specified triggers are met in other applications, Mail can then perform automatic actions like creating drafts and tasks, sending emails, or obtaining email content. Learn more here.

Monday.com integration for Zoho Mail 
Add members, assign tasks, customize workflows, and track the progress of work to completion. Integrate monday.com with Zoho Mail to create items, change status, update assignees, and much more contextually while simply composing an email. Find out more here.

Wrike for Zoho Mail 
Create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and send and receive Wrike comments, all without leaving Zoho Mail. Find out more here.

Google Calendar for Zoho Mail 
Create events in Zoho Mail and sync them with your Google Calendar. Schedule, edit, or cancel events in Google Calendar from Zoho Mail. Learn more here.

Zoho Mail for Amazon Alexa 
Extend the voice-driven capabilities of Alexa to your Zoho mail. Effectively and efficiently hear and answer your emails through Amazon Alexa and enhance your hands-free experience. Find out more here.

Toggl extension for Zoho Projects 
Make your project and time management seamless. Keep track of how much time was spent on each task in a project to optimize your business processes to be more efficient. Learn more here.

Insightly CRM for Zoho Projects 
Manage your Insightly CRM projects and data from inside Zoho Projects. Create new projects in Insightly from Zoho Projects or associate an existing Insightly project with one in Zoho Projects. Find out more here.

SugarCRM for Zoho Projects 
Create projects and tasks in SugarCRM and associate them with a project in Zoho Projects without leaving your Projects app. Enable users to track their work and progress from Zoho Projects, and much more. Find out more here.

Zoho Expense for Zoho Projects 
Map your expenses onto the corresponding projects directly from Zoho Projects. Create expense reports with ease from Zoho Projects and avoid switching apps. Learn more here.

VoIPstudio for Zoho Recruit 
Manage your inbound and outbound calls directly from your Zoho Recruit database. Save time, ensure all calls are accurately recorded and annotated, greet inbound callers with call pop-ups, and much more. Find out more here.

Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant for Zoho Recruit
Boost the impact of your ATS and create a faster candidate scheduling experience. Automatically sync contacts, automate candidate scheduling, and access ATS contact details in seconds. Learn more here.

Todoist For Zoho Cliq 
Bring your tasks and projects from Todoist to Zoho Cliq and be more productive. Add a task in Todoist directly from Cliq by using action on a message and do more with simple commands in Cliq. Find out more here.

Zoho Expense for Zoho BugTracker 
Map expenses to their respective projects. Created and submit expense reports for approval from Zoho BugTracker. Keep track of your team's expenses, at both the project level and  global (portfolio) level. Learn more here.

Legal Case Management - Custom App
Legal Case Management was specially designed for the legal field using Zoho Creator. Gain complete visibility into your firm’s ongoing cases with the help of detailed case histories and progress reports. Store all legal matter and manage client intake in a single place to help your firm access information any time. Learn more here.

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