What's new on Zoho Marketplace for May 2020

What's new on Zoho Marketplace for May 2020

Zoho Marketplace houses over 960 extensions to help you improve and enhance the functionality of your Zoho products. Here's a list of the extensions released in May 2020.

Quote to Project Converter for Zoho CRM
Once a customer accepts your quote in Zoho CRM, automatically convert it into a new project in Zoho Projects. Each item in the quote gets added as a new task in the project, and the description of the item will be saved as the description of the new task. Check out the extension here.

Address Typeahead Extension for Zoho CRM
Address Typeahead for Zoho CRM is an address autocomplete feature. When an agent starts typing an address, the autocomplete functionality will fill in the remaining part. This saves time so your people can focus more on productive tasks. Learn more here.

WeChat Pay for Zoho CRM
Receive payments through WeChat Pay. Generate and send invoices to customers with a unique QR code from Zoho CRM. Users can scan the code, confirm the amount, and make the payment using WeChat pay. Check out the extension here.

Bold BI for Zoho CRM
Get a holistic view of your sales with key data obtained from the Leads, Contacts, and Deals modules in Zoho CRM. Combine that information with your marketing and support data to make informed business decisions. Learn more here.

SyncPenguin for Zoho CRM
Connect Zoho CRM with any other business tools you are using through SyncPenguin. Benefit from two-way customizable sync options between Zoho CRM and other applications. Learn more here.

PhoneBurner Power Dialer for Zoho CRM
Enable your sales professionals and teams to make 4x more calls per hour. Leave instant voicemails, track and send emails, record calls, send SMS, and more. Check out the extension here.

ClickSend for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Send SMS notifications from Zoho Desk for newly-created contacts, tickets, tasks, and respective ticket comments without logging in to the ClickSend platform. Learn more here.

Vonage for Zoho Desk Powered by Zoho Flow
Send SMS and WhatsApp business notifications from Vonage without leaving Zoho Desk. Notifications can be triggered for newly-created Zoho Desk contacts, tickets, tasks, and respective ticket comments. Learn more here.

CapsuleCRM for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Connect CapsuleCRM with Zoho Desk and bridge the gap between your Marketing and Sales teams. Sync the accounts and tasks created in CapsuleCRM with Zoho Desk, and set workflows to trigger a high-priority ticket to open when a new opportunity is won. Learn more here.

Clockify for Zoho Desk powered by Zoho Flow
Track Clockify projects from inside Zoho Desk. The time entries will be sent to Zoho Desk, making it easy to bill your clients for the time spent on their tasks. Learn more here.

Swyx phone integration for Zoho Desk
Handle your Swyx client from Zoho Desk. Add call details to tickets, receive notifications for incoming calls, and do more right from Zoho Desk. Check out the extension here.

Acuity Scheduling for Zoho Desk
View customer appointments booked on Acuity as events in Zoho Desk, and also send out Acuity appointment links from Zoho Desk tickets. This allows your customers to easily book an appointment with you. Learn more here.

Zendesk Sell for Zoho Desk
Know your customers' details to better prioritize and manage tickets in Zoho Desk. Manage contacts, deals, and tasks displayed in Zendesk Sell without leaving Zoho Desk. Learn more here.

Xero Extension for Zoho Desk
Create and view contact information, invoices, bills, and quotes from Xero inside your Zoho Desk account. Empower your support agents with a unified platform so that they can provide faster solutions. Check out the extension here.

Custom Dashboards for Zoho Desk
Keep critical information in one place and just a click away using custom dashboards. Avoid navigating through tabs and folders to get a quick glimpse of the information you require. Learn more here.

Ticket Assignment for Zoho Desk
Assign tickets to the right agents and get faster responses for your customers. Check agent availability and automatically assign tickets to the agents who are online first. Check out the extension here.

Hiretual for Zoho Recruit
Connect Hiretual with Zoho Recruit and be sure that only the best profiles are filtered and moved to Zoho Recruit for you to source from. Save time and recruit smarter. Learn more here.

Envia shipping and fulfillment for Zoho Inventory
Make your product shipping process easier and quicker. Create labels, compare rates with dozens of carriers, review your shipment status, have an online tracking system, and more. Learn more here.

PEX Connector for Zoho Books
Sync PEX expense transactions, receipts, tags, G/L codes, notes, and more with your Zoho Books account. You can choose to sync data on demand or automatically every day. Check out the extension here.

Cervinodata for Zoho Analytics
Prepare and manage your advertising data inside Cervinodata and sync it with Zoho Analytics. Use this data to build dashboards, displaying metrices like impressions, media spend, clicks, conversions, reach, and revenue from all your ad campaigns. Learn more here.

Google Calendar for Zoho BugTracker
Create events in Zoho BugTracker and sync them with your Google Calendar. Schedule, edit, or cancel events in Google Calendar from Zoho BugTracker, and also set reminders for yourself and other users about upcoming events. Check out the extension here.

Adobe Sign for Zoho BugTracker
Send agreements, view their signing status, and even revoke an agreement without leaving Zoho BugTracker. Provide your customers with exceptional service by reducing turnaround time on agreements. Check out the extension here.

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