What's New this June 2020 in Zoho Invoice?

What's New this June 2020 in Zoho Invoice?

Hello, everyone!

Time seems to have flown by so fast and we're already halfway through the year. Though times are tough, we’ve been working as usual to bring out the best new features for you and fine-tune our existing functions. Here's what's awaiting you this month in Zoho Invoice.

Create price lists with Volume Pricing

Does your business offer discounts for bulk orders? We have introduced Volume Pricing, using which you can now set price breaks for items depending on the quantity sold. You can create a price list with volume pricing, and set custom rates for different quantity brackets.

Here's how you can do this:
  • Go to Price Lists > Click + New Price List.
  • Select Enter the rate individually for each item.
  • Select Volume Pricing as the Pricing Scheme.
  • Enter an item's quantity range along with a custom rate for it. You can also update the ranges in bulk.
  • Click Save.
Now, you can apply this price list on the line items of a transaction. The item's price will be adjusted depending on the quantity entered. If there is no matching range for the given quantity, the item's default rate will be applied. Read more.

Note: You can create up to 10 such ranges for each item.

Set permissions for custom fields based on user roles

At times, you might not want all your users to have access to certain custom fields. For example, you might want the custom fields related to sales to be accessible only by the sales team. This can now be done in Zoho Invoice as access to custom fields can be restricted based on a user's role. You can choose to hide the field or provide the user with read-only access.

To do this: Go to Settings > Preferences > Select the desired module > Go to Field Customization > Hover over the required custom field > Click the dropdown icon > Select Configure Access > Configure access for the different roles > Click Save.

Generate the Receivable Summary & Receivable Details reports

Get a complete picture of your receivables in one place by generating the Receivable Summary and Receivable Details report. The Receivable Summary report provides an overview of all your invoices and credit notes. You can customize this report by grouping transactions based on the customer name, due date, custom fields, and more.

The Receivable Details report gives you a rundown of your invoices and credit notes along with their line item details such as item name, quantity, and price. You can also customize this report by grouping transactions based on the transaction number, item name, custom fields, and more.

To generate these reports: Go to Reports > Receivables > Select Receivable Summary or Receivable Details.

Send an SMS for outstanding customer balance

You can now remind your customers about their outstanding balance by sending them an SMS notification with the payment amount. Once you enable this option, you can click Notify via SMS on the Customer Overview page to send an SMS to that customer. You can also choose a text message from the three SMS templates that are available.

To enable this: Go to Settings > SMS Notifications > SMS Templates > Enable it for Customer Balance.

Create custom buttons and links for more modules

Custom buttons and links are now available for recurring invoices, recurring expenses, and payments received. You can create custom buttons and links according to your requirements to accelerate your invoicing process with the click of a button.

Recommend Zoho Invoice and earn

Love using Zoho Invoice and want to recommend it to others? You can now do this right from the app and also turn a profit from it! Once you refer Zoho Invoice to a friend and they start using it, you will get 15% of their subscription payment as Zoho Wallet credits. Click the referral icon () in the top band of the app to learn more about it.

You can also suggest Zoho Invoice to your customers. You can configure this option in Settings > Preferences > Branding.

Do let us know your thoughts on these features in the comments below. Don't forget to checkout our full list of updates in the release notes. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write to our support team at support@zohoinvoice.com.

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