What's new this October 2019 in Zoho Books?

What's new this October 2019 in Zoho Books?

Hello, everyone,

Last month, we worked on multiple updates and enhancements to make Zoho Books finer. Read on to check out if we've added a feature that might make accounting easier for you.

Plan and track your spending with Budgets

A long-awaited feature--budgeting, is finally here. Preparing a plan of action for how you will be dealing with money in your organization can be quite demanding. It involves checking the previous years' performance, calculating how much it has grown, setting limits on your spends and keeping track of them. Doing these manually is pretty hard, which is why, Zoho Books now allows you to create budgets, compare with previous years, understand the spends with the Budgets Vs Actuals report and take informed decisions. Learn More

To check this: Go to Zoho Books > Accountant > Budgets.

Increase your productivity with journal templates

When you record journal entries for similar transactions, you might be entering the same details again, every time. For such cases, you can create a template and use them while recording journal entries. You can choose to create them with the amounts or just the accounts based on your preference. Learn More

To do this: Go to Accountant > Manual Journals > Settings > Manage Templates.

Connect with third-party apps using Connections

Let's say you've been using custom actions and hard coding the credentials like auth-tokens to push data to the third-party service. You can now do this easily and securely using Connections. This allows you to connect to the third party apps by just using a Connection Name in your deluge script. You can generate this for a set of Pre-defined Connections or any app of your choice using Custom Connection. You can add this and execute the custom action. Learn More

To do this: Go to Custom Buttons / Custom Functions / Schedules and click Connections above the deluge editor.

Keep a watch on your dashboard watchlist

Zoho Books provides meaningful insights to you through reports on accounts, payables, receivables, and other details on your Dashboard. You can limit the access to these reports, if necessary, based on the user roles. All you have to do is, disable dashboard permissions for a particular role. You can choose to disable all dashboard reports or just what you think those user roles don't have to know.

To do this: Go to Settings > Users and Roles > Roles > Select a role > Enable/Disable Dashboard.

Associate projects to journals

Sometimes, you might be creating transactions other than just regular invoices or expenses for your project. In such cases, you would want to record the transaction by creating a manual journal. You can record it in two ways:

  • Create a manual journal directly from the project details page.
    To do this: Go to the project > New Transaction drop down > Create Manual Journal.
  • Associate projects to a line item while creating a journal.
    To do this: Create a Manual Journal > Enter the details > Click More (the three horizontal dots or ellipses ) > Associate project.

You will be able to view these in the Journals tab of each project.

Carry forward reclaimable tax (KSA edition)

Let's say you mark your return as filed and there's tax to be reclaimed, you can now carry forward the amount to the next tax return. Not just that, you can also adjust the amount carried forward against any penalties. Select the account through which you're tracking it and provide a reason for it to be adjusted.

Customize Template PDFs

Journal PDFs can now be customized according to your preferences. You can edit the current Standard template and make changes to the layout, headers, the journal table, and the footer. This is useful, especially when you want to add the terms and conditions, print/view the journal in a different language.

To do this: Go to Settings > Templates > Journals.

Create Kerala Flood Cess and generate KFC-A reports (India edition)

Kerala Flood Cess was levied in Kerala in view of the 2018 Kerala floods to help rebuild the state. The GST registered persons must collect the cess on intra-state B2C transactions. We provided an option to allow customers to create a Kerala Flood cess and generate the KFC-A Summary. You can use it to fill in the details in the Kerala Government’s tax filing website. Learn More

To view the report: Go to Reports > Taxes > KFC-A Summary.

Do more with iOS 13 ready Zoho Books

It's that time of the year where Apple launches its iOS updates and Zoho Books keeps its app just ready for you to experience them. With the new update, you can:

  • Use the system-wide dark mode.
  • Scan business cards to add contacts instantly
  • Make use of conversational Siri shortcuts
  • Perform actions quickly with contextual menus

Oh, did we forget to mention? iPadOS for Zoho Books allows you to perform actions quickly and very efficiently. 

You can view all the other updates we've made on the What's New Timeline. Give these features a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below or write to us at support@zohobooks.com.

Until next time,
The Zoho Books Team

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