Why is zoho sooooo bad at designs

Why is zoho sooooo bad at designs

MY Goodness. I've been with Zoho for years now, and I'm still in shock every time I see a poor design, which your applicatins are littered with. You understand the need for these applications and their features, but it's like you WANT people to only work the way ZOHO thinks. 

Your Campaigns application...years ago it was impossible to use because of an endless number of incomplete designs that force marketers to work one way-inefficiently, when there are multiple ways marketers work.

One of those incomplete designs was Segments. You've had segments for as long as I can remember but when one goes to send out campaigns, they couldn't actually send to the segments they've labored over getting correctly. Let me repeat, you had a feature to Segments leads, but to send out campaigns, one was forced to send to the whole list anyway.  This is so laughable it's like a colossal joke.

You've recently just fixed this issue to make it possible to send campaigns to segments...except for the fact that one can choose ONLY ONE SEGMENT AT A TIME. if one has a campaign that applies to multiple segments, one would have to create a campaign for each segment, which would take double time..., triple, quadruple etc, instead of the mere seconds it takes to select all applicable segments and set one campaign. 

Let me repeat. Somehow you all think every campaign one needs to send will go either to the whole entire group, or only one segment. From engineers to product manger, to product testers, to forum coordinators, and zoho employees responsible for marketing zoho products, NONE OF YOU have seen this equally monumental flaw??

My question is...


I'm neither a marketer or an engineer and I was able to see this problem the first time I go to use your new segment feature. WHY WOULD YOU MISS SOMETHING LIKE THIS???

Using your CRM has forced me to learn to code and design. This isn't that hard. This is a question of designing the segment field as multi-select field instead of a drop down.  Somehow your engineers thought one would 100% of the time always need to market to one campaign to one segment alone.

What in God's name????
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