Workspace move and rename issues

Workspace move and rename issues

I have encountered a number of problems with restructuring wikis and workspaces.

1. Moving a workspace to a new wiki. I'm still waiting for an answer to:, which would greatly help illuminate the options.

1a. Does Export and Import help here? If a wiki or workspace is moved to another wiki, does the import process fix up the links between pages to account for their new location?

2. Moving a workspace within a wiki. Using site map to move a the pages of a workspace to a different workspace doesn't work properly. The pages move to the other workspace, but the links between them continue to point to their paths within the old workspace. (So clicking on such a link doesn't find an existing page, but instead attempts to create a new page.)

2a. Having moved pages between workspaces, those pages which used to have workspace permissions now all seem to have individual custom permissions. How does one avoid having to visit every page and reseting it to have workspace permissions?

3. Changing a workspace URL. The process is documented here: ... except that on the Workspace > Settings > General pane displays no URL or Change URL feature.

4. Change wiki URL. Is this possible? I understand I can change the wiki owner, so if I can also change the wiki URL that might help solve some situations.

Any insights into the task of moving workspaces and wikis around successfully would be appreciated. Thanks!
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