Zia as a separate category in the setup page

Zia as a separate category in the setup page

Hello everyone,

Zia will be moved as a separate category under the CRM setup page owing to its increased prominence and number of features. The features will be categorized under the following groups:
  • Data enrichment
  • Prediction - Zia prediction builder
  • Recommendation - Zia recommendation (Recommendation builder) Workflow Suggestions, Macros, and Record Owner Suggestions in Assignment rule (System Recommendation).
  • Communication - Zia for emails, Reminders, Best time to contact, Email sentiment analysis and Email intelligence (Zia in Email)
  • Vision - Zia vision
  • Conversational AI - Zia voice
  • Notifications - Zia for Workflow rules and Trend analysis

Highlights of the changes
Data enrichment: We removed data enrichment from the marketplace and included it as a built-in feature under Zia, going forward all users who had purchased DE as a plug-in (from the marketplace) will see it under the data enrichment tab.

Best time to contact: The notifications were always on by default, but now there will be an option to toggle it off. The admin can turn off the notification that will disable the feature for the entire organization. You will find the feature under the Communication tab.

Zia reminder: The best time to contact reminders is moved under the Best time to contact tab. As Zia reminders are coupled with best time to contact, when you turn off notification for the latter, Zia reminders will also be switched off. However, you can turn on the best time to contact notifications and choose not to receive reminders. That way, Zia will compute the best time, but not send you reminders.

Zia in email: All email related functions in Zia such as email intent, sentiment, activity extraction, and data enrichment from email signatures are grouped under Zia > Communication > Email intelligence.

Macros and Workflow suggestions: These two features have been moved under Recommendations > System recommendations.
Zia Voice: It has been renamed to Conversational AI, the pre-configured question are renamed as Custom Questions and the questions added by the end users for training Zia are renamed to Custom. Also, Zia skills have been renamed to Skills.

Changes for those who have customized the setup page

Tab renaming: If the tabs like Prediction, Recommendation etc. are renamed by the user, then we will retain the customized name, and reposition it at the new location in Zia. For example, if recommendation is renamed to suggestion, then the name will be retained as is. However, the sub tabs under recommendation: builder and system recommendations will not be changed.

Reordering the tabs: If the order of the features is changed while customizing the setup page, then we will reorder according to the new setting:
  • Data enrichment
  • Prediction
  • Recommendation
  • Communication
  • Conversational AI
  • Vision
  • Notifications
Visibility of submenu: If a user has turned off the visibility of any feature under Zia, we will not change it. The user can turn it on if required. For example, if the prediction feature is toggled off by the user during setup page customization, then we will retain it as is.

Repositioning the Zia category: Zia, as a category is placed in the last in the setup page. If the entire category is positioned elsewhere in the setup page, then it will be moved at the last as per the current placement.

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