Zoho Desk now integrates with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice

Zoho Desk now integrates with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice

In customer service, the more you know about the customer, the better you're able to serve them. We at Zoho Desk are constantly increasing the amount of context your agents can get. The latest in this is having access to billing- and payments-related information. We see this helping in two big ways:

  • Your team will benefit from knowing what a customer has purchased previously from your company. Couple this with information from Zoho CRM, and you have the entire customer life cycle to inform your conversations.
  • If it is a service that you provide, you would naturally forward a conversation to your finance team at some point, in order to bill your customer. With access to bookkeeping, you and your agents can get there faster!

By integrating either with Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice at a time, your customer service team can perform a number of payment-related actions from Zoho Desk. With sufficient permissions from your Zoho Desk portal's admin,:
  • agents can view payment information of the customer, within a ticket. These could be details such as outstanding payments, billing and shipping addresses.

  • agents can create invoices and estimates within a ticket, based on the conversation they've had with the customer. These will automatically get mapped to the customer, and can be viewed inside Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice.

  • agents can also see previous payment-related activity by a customer, such as creating invoices and estimates, and any changes they've made to these.

  • an agent can change the payment status of an estimate/invoice. They can also convert estimates into invoices, and send them to the customer, directly from Zoho Desk.
These features are also available inside the Customers module in Zoho Desk. In case a customer you see on Zoho Desk isn't already a contact on Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, worry not! The integration lets agents add them right from within a ticket. They can then perform any of the above actions.
By integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, you can save your teams a lot of time and enable straightforward bookkeeping. Simply head over to Setup and configure either of the two integrations.
Happy ticketing!
Team Zoho Desk
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