Zoho Please change your ways

Zoho Please change your ways

I started using Your new Zoho bookings in earnest 3 days ago. What a mistake.  Once again, everything is backwards and upside down.  I had to spend 5 hours testing how the thing works in order for me to understand how to acutally use it. 

When i started using google calendar years ago.  it took seconds to figure out how it works. Why is that. bc they put everything in places where it makes sense. 

Today, I needed to add an appointment as well as a time off.  Stupid me i added the time off first, under staff. I made an error and added it as a whole day.  Now I can't make my appoinntment which happens to be on the same day.  

Next step of course is to find the annyong time off and delete it.  Tell me Zoho, why is there no way to remove a time off?  I haven't spent 5 hours looking for it, so maybe that's why I can't find it, bc apparently you can't just open up a zoho product and start using it successfully after 3 minutes.

First I looked under the calendar...I figured the time off will be there a block, which I can simply click and delete.  No, no, of course it's not.  Then I looked under staff profile. I see where I can ADD a time off, but no where to REMOVE existing time block.  Then of course I went to your resources page, and of course NO INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT REMOVING A TIME BLOCK.

So again, a simple task that should take 10 seconds has turned into 1 hour.

Let me understand.  You thought people/businesses will need to have a time block (great), but YOU DIDN'T THINK THEY WOULD NEED TO REMOVE IT???

Don't know what the hell you are all thinking or how you manage your calendars that seems to take 60 time what's necessary.

The simplest way to remove a time off/block is to go to the calendar. PERIOD. Change it to this, if you are really interested in saving people time, that is.  Anything that requires going to setting etc, it too many steps.

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                                            Hello everyone, We're excited to share new feature in Zoho Bookings—a color palette within booking page themes. You'll find this option under Manage Bookings > Workspaces > Booking Page Themes. You can customize the color of every element in your booking page and even alter the transparency of your background image. Please note that this is a paid feature included in the Basic and Premium plans. At the moment, it's available only under the Modern Web theme. This means you can create billions (7,
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                                            Save time for both you and your customers. Use Zoho Bookings, the appointment scheduling app from Zoho, to free yourself from email and paper-based scheduling. Zoho Bookings can give you a common calendar by syncing multiple calendars, including yours and your staff's. Your customers can book a time convenient for them, and pay for services, through your website or the customizable webpage features available in Zoho Bookings. They'll also get emails reminding them about their appointments and any
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