Spotlight series #1: Zoho Show: a compatible, free alternative to PowerPoint

Spotlight series #1: Zoho Show: a compatible, free alternative to PowerPoint

Hi Everyone! 

To help you get a better understanding of how to use Show best, we have decided to share a Spotlight series highlighting specific Show features in detail. 
For our first spotlight series we will discuss how Show is compatible with PowerPoint.

Zoho Show is a free online tool that supports many PowerPoint features. Import PPT or PPTX files and continue working online without having to install any external software. Your uploaded files will retain their formatting, fonts, and styles. Simply share and collaborate on these presentations with your team. Edit slide decks together using advanced formatting tools and numerous design elements in Show. You can enhance your slides using Show's wide-range of design templates and theme choices.
Upload presentations using the Import icon in the Show listing page. The file will be displayed under the  Created by me section. Open your file in Show to fine-tune the slides further.

  Slide Properties:
This contains metadata of files such as title, subject, and keywords related to its content. Show supports PPT properties from slide orientations to features such as hiding slides.

  Graphic Objects:
Upload PowerPoint files with graphics and Show will keep them intact. These elements include shapes, group shapes, textboxes, tables, charts, connectors, smart art, images, pictures, and videos, with special attributes. 

  Graphic Properties:
Show supports not only PPT objects but also their properties, such as shape types, modifiers, flip, rotate, fill, line, shadow, and reflection. The edits you make in PowerPoint remain the same in Show as well.  

  Chart Properties:
You can edit PPT chart details like title, legend, axis properties, and up/down bars in Show. Simply import and continue working on them. Show also supports chart animations (by series, by category, by element in series, and by element in category). 

  Text Properties:
Show allows you to edit PPT text formats, such as font, size, color, style, superscript, subscript, capitalization, paragraph alignment, line spacing, indentation, bullet list, numbered list, and advanced text styles. 

  Animation Properties:
You can even edit PPT animations in Show. These include properties such as duration, delay, and repeat cycles. You can also animate slide texts at different levels (by paragraph, by word, or by letter). 

Hope you found these tips useful! For more details on using Show as an alternative to PowerPoint, click  here
Stay tuned for more articles on Show.
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