Zoho Sign: Product Updates - Q2-Q3, 2019

Zoho Sign: Product Updates - Q2-Q3, 2019


In our last update at the start of Q2, we had announced that there were a few major features and releases lined up for Zoho Sign. Staying true to that, over the last couple of months, we have been slowly rolling them out one after the other. Here's a quick summary of these product updates, followed by a brief note on each feature.

What's new?
  • Blockchain-based timestamping
  • Webhooks
  • Approver action in sign workflows
  • Custom organization email address addition
  • New signer field for uploading attachments
  • Integration with Zoho Workerly
  • Integration with Zapier
Blockchain-based timestamping

Previously made available only to selected customers in the US region, blockchain-based timestamping has now been publicly released for all users of Zoho Sign's enterprise-equivalent editions in all regions - zoho.com for US, zoho.eu for Europe, zoho.in for India. This option offers an additional measure of document verification by recording every document signing in real time in the Ethereum public blockchain and thereby publicly establishing signer accountability. Since blockchains are, by design, resistant to tampering, this feature creates an immutable authentic record of document integrity and non-repudiation. Administrators can enable and disable blockchain timestamping for their organization in Zoho Sign from the Account settings section.


Users can now set up webhooks in Zoho Sign to provide their in-house applications, third-party software and websites with real-time information based on document actions happening Zoho Sign. These webhooks can be very handy in integrating Zoho Sign with applications and/or creating automated workflows across applications. Administrators can set up and manage webhooks for their organization in Zoho Sign either by accessing the API Settings section or through API calls.

Approver action in sign workflows

Users now have the option to add approvers to sign workflows in addition to signers, viewers, and in-person hosts. Approvers would simply have to approve the contents of a document as opposed to signing it, viewing it, or collecting signatures in person. This action enables users to combine document approval and signing processes into a single workflow and thereby ease collaboration across different levels of authority in their workplace.

Custom organization email address addition

Users can now add custom organization email addresses using which Zoho Sign can be configured to send mails to the signers on behalf of their organization. This commonly requested feature adds more authority to their emails and thereby enables them to represent their organization in an appropriate manner and establish trust with their clients. Administrators can add, verify and manage organization email addresses in the Organization details section of their Zoho Sign account.

New signer field for uploading attachments

Users can now request signers to upload attachments when signing documents by adding the new 'Attachment' signer field. Another commonly requested feature, this enables the collection of supporting documents and proofs alongside digital signatures. Any document uploaded as an attachment by the signers is also digitally signed by them and appended to the documents they had signed as a part of the signature request.

Integration with Zoho Workerly

Zoho Sign can now be added as an extension inside Zoho Workerly from the Marketplace. Using this extension, users can collect signatures in business and administrative paperwork from their temporary workforce and contacts. The documents can be sent for signatures directly from the respective modules inside Workerly, and users can even import their Zoho Sign templates to do so.

Integration with Zapier (BETA)

Zoho Sign has now been added to the popular and powerful integration platform, Zapier! This allows users to connect Zoho Sign with 1500+ external web applications by creating Zaps based on Zoho Sign's triggers and actions. These Zaps can then be used to build automated workflows that can aggregate data, generate smart documents, and collect digital signatures, all in one uninterrupted sequence of actions. This can help users significantly in integrating Zoho Sign with several applications they use on a daily basis to run their businesses. This integration is presently in BETA and available to users of all the enterprise-equivalent editions.

Feel free to explore these new updates. This is definitely not all, we have got several more exciting enhancements and integrations in store for you but more on them later.

Do reach out to us if you need any further details, and write to support@zohosign.com for any support and assistance.

Happy Zoho Signing!

Sai Anand
      Zoho Marketing Automation
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