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    • New Features rolled out on June 29, 2022

      HIPAA compliance Now we provide specific features in Zoho Analytics to help you use Zoho Analytics in a HIPAA compliant manner. Click here to learn more. Enhancements in Advanced Analytics for Google Ads Advanced Analytics for Google Ads now supports
    • Announcing Zoho Analytics 5.0 -- A Modern Self-service BI & Analytics Platform

      We are extremely delighted to unveil Zoho Analytics 5.0 - A Modern Self-service BI and Analytics platform to the public. Experience analytics like never before with the following new capabilities and enhancements: Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation
    • Zoho Analytics is rated as an overall leader in Dresner's latest survey

      Dresner Advisory Services is an independent industry resource which provides an alternative perspective on information management, business intelligence, analytics, performance management and related markets through the objective, non-sponsored and crowd-sourced
    • [Action Required] - Bing Ads Integration in Zoho Analytics

      Dear Customers,  As Microsoft updating the OAuth scope (authentication), all users who are signed-in through a third-party application that uses the Bing Ads API will require multi-factor authentication in their Bing Ads account.  Microsoft Announcement: 
    • New Features rolled out on May 12, 2022

      Enhancements for Business Application Connectors Business Application Connectors in Zoho Analytics are enhanced with the following options. Advanced Analytics connector for Zoho Forms We are happy to announce that Advanced Analytics for Zoho Forms is

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                                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                      • Underlying data columns

                                                                                        Is it possible to change the columns (make visible/invisible/reorder) when clicking "view underlying data" on a chart? See attachment Thanks
                                                                                      • Cannot Find "Edit Design" button in Zoho analytics table

                                                                                        Hi All, I am not able to find "Edit Design" button in Zoho analytics table which were integrated with books and auto-join feature was used to connect them. I am able to lookup on query tables or tables generated without auto join feature. Any Idea on
                                                                                      • Integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Analytics

                                                                                        Hello. Is there an integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Analytics? I use the integration with Zoho CRM to sync specific modules, but can I sync specific tables from Analytics to Campaigns?
                                                                                      • Union 2 tables

                                                                                        Hi Guys! Its me again..  I was trying to use the union all or union instruction but looks like there is an error there. Basically I have one table: Table 1: Document date / document type / customer / product / sales amount / Quantity / Margin / Cost /
                                                                                      • Sync data from Zoho Analytics to Zoho Campaigns

                                                                                        I use the integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics to sync specific modules, but I want to sync specific tables from Zoho Analytics to Zoho Campaigns. At the moment you can't sync data from Analytics to Campaigns. Could there be an integration