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                        • Selling by weight in variations - how to set up?

                          Hi, I am trying to figure out on how to set it up so that it will work in Books and Inventory We buy tea in 1000g bags. So the units could be either g or kg In my wooocommerce shop I have the product with 4 different variations, eg., 50g, 100g, 250g and
                        • Adjustments between two accounts

                          Hello, I have a car rental business. One of my clients has to pay 15,000 as overdue rent. And he submitted a bill of 5,000, which occurred by changing spare parts by himself. How to record this expense by showing it as deducted from overdue? Can you help
                        • Invoice - Sales Kits non-inventory

                          Hello All. I believe the answer to this question will be to use Composite items however I am hoping for another option. So we do NOT have any inventory and just use the "Items" function in invoice data entry. So we situations where we will purchase computer
                        • How can I change the picture for a contact person in Zoho Books

                          Today I was adding a new contact person to an existing customer. When I was done entering his info the new contact person was displaying an image off the King from Burger King with sunglasses. (See attached screenshot) Where is this image coming from
                        • Is there a way to invoice based on time spent without a project

                          I have a line item called support which is invoiced on the time spent in actually supporting customer. I know we can track time as part of a project but is it also possible to invoice a customer based on this without a designated project assigned.

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