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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • Calendar notifications sent using an @gmail.com email!

                                                                                            Hello, I have registered my Zoho account using a gmail account (say:user@gmai.com) then created my organization, domian and mail accounts (say: info@mydomain.com) . When I create an event in Zoho calendar, users gets notifications from my gmail (user@gmail.com)
                                                                                          • Zoho Calendar conference Zoom

                                                                                            Hi, is there an integration for Zoho Calendar besides the Zoho Mail ? I mean, when I create an event on Zoho Calendar, when I select Conference, today only shows "Zoho Meeting" and I want to show "Zoom" also. Thanks.
                                                                                          • Automatically including Zoom Meeting Link in Zoho Calendar Invites.

                                                                                            Hi Zoho, We see that Zoom is well integrated with Zoho Mail and Zoho bookings which is great. However, is it really a key feature that when we send Zoho calendar invites to customer, we will be able to choose Zoom conferencing and a zoom meeting link
                                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                                          • What's new in Zoho Calendar!

                                                                                            Hello all, Greeting from Zoho Calendar! Hope you are all doing well! We at Zoho Calendar are constantly striving to improve our Calendar to enhance your overall calendaring experience thanks to your insightful suggestions and feedback. In the last few
                                                                                          • Tip of the week #19: Chat and comment about an event in Zoho Calendar.

                                                                                            Communication and collaboration are necessary to boost a team's productivity. Zoho Calendar, serves as a better productivity tool in that aspect by providing you the options to chat about an event and comment on an event. Apart from scheduling a meeting
                                                                                          • Tip of the week #22: Sync Zoho App Calendars with Zoho Calendar.

                                                                                            Zoho Calendar allows you to sync calendars from other Zoho applications and manage them all from a single calendar interface. This gives you an unified platform where you can access calendars from other Zoho apps, edit and manage events on those calendars,
                                                                                          • Tip of the week #29: Configure default event settings in Zoho Calendar.

                                                                                            Zoho Calendar provides you the options to set your default event settings. This default settings will save you time by not requiring you to enter the event time, participant permissions, and so on each time you create an event. The following default event
                                                                                          • Enhancements to make Zoho Calendar more accessible and handy!

                                                                                            Hello, Community! Hope you're all doing well! Zoho Calendar have come across a major revamp a year back. Since then the feedback and suggestions given by you made us to improve and enhance Calendar, to make it more accessible and user friendly. We've