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                  • Get your emails from Zoho Mail delivered in Cliq

                    With a major part of communication happening over emails, it becomes quite a task to keep up with a large amount of email threads. But when a huge portion of your everyday conversation happens in a messaging platform like Zoho Cliq, why not bring in important
                  • Cliq 3.0 webinar

                    Hello all,  Recently we conducted a webinar, covering the features that we released in Cliq 3.0. For those who missed attending the webinar, here is a recording of the webinar. Do watch the webinar and try our latest features. ​ Regards, Priya
                  • Introducing Cliq 3.0

                    We are happy to announce the launch of Zoho Cliq 3.0 - the best-of-breed solution for hybrid work. We have power packed features that includes meetings, recordings, whiteboarding, task management, notes handling, event management and much more in this
                  • Introducing IFTTT integration with Cliq

                    Automate your daily workflow to scale your productivity by integrating IFTTT with Zoho Cliq. By integrating IFTTT with Cliq, you will receive notifications from the connected applications whenever the condition you set is initiated. Here's why you need
                  • Introducing Do Not Disturb (DND) status in Cliq

                    Annoyed at the sight of work notifications on a weekend? Tired of being bombarded with notifications while you are working on a critical issue? Cliq introduces DND to your rescue. Enabling DND in Cliq will block all your Cliq notifications, pop ups and

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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • Custom Statuses / Offline / 'Leave' visibility

                                                                                            Since we have started using Zoho Cliq, we feel a lack of features regarding the moment when a User is Out of Office/on Leave etc. Our Users have pointed out that it would be very useful if the Custom Status would be displayed when they are offline. For
                                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                                          • New in Zoho Chat: Threaded conversation at its finest best

                                                                                            Perform effective team communication in Zoho Chat with our new 'Reply' option.   Converse and stay focussed on the parent conversation, rather than getting entangled in the web of several, never-ending sub threads.   To reply to a certain message, all you need to do is hover to the left hand side of the message. Then, click on the three dots to open a pop up menu. Here, click on the Reply button and type the reply to the message in the compose box and press Enter.   Voila, that was pretty simple. 
                                                                                          • Cliq Bots - Get notifications about any action on an application with the incoming webhook handler!

                                                                                            Webhooks can be used to get notified about events happening in other applications inside Cliq. All bots in Cliq have their own incoming webhook endpoint. This makes it simple to post messages to the bot from external applications. Unlike the send message (/message) REST API, here any data can be posted to the endpoint which is further processed in the incoming handler before notifying in Cliq. The incoming webhook allows third-party applications to send notifications/alerts using the incoming webhook
                                                                                          • Changes in Cliq iOS app notification due to iOS 13 and Xcode 11

                                                                                            Hello everyone! With the iOS 13 update, Apple has updated its policy on usage of VoIP push notifications. Over the past few months, we tried our best to provide a similar experience with the updated policy.  Changes in iOS 13:  With iOS 13, Apple mandates all VoIP push notifications to be reported to the CallKit framework as a new call. If a VoIP push notification is not reported to the CallKit within a designated time window, iOS will terminate the app. If enough VoIP push notifications are not
                                                                                          • Convert a message on Cliq into a task on Zoho Connect

                                                                                            Message actions in Cliq are a great way to transform messages in a conversation into actionable work items. In this post, we'll see how to build a custom message action that'll let you add a message as a task to board on Zoho Connect.  If you haven't created a board in Zoho Connect, then head over to this help document to know how to create one.  For this example, we've created a board for the Zylker Campaigns team in Zoho Connect. The board has three sections: User Interface, Content Marketing,
                                                                                          • What's new in Zoho Cliq - June 2020 updates

                                                                                            Hello again, everyone! I'm back to share with you the recent feature improvements and updates that we've pulled together for enhancing your experience in Cliq. Here's what's new this June for you all in Cliq's web and iOS app! New on Cliq Web: Drag and drop files to a chat in your left side panel   Now you can drag and drop attachments from your open conversation window to a specific chat or channel in the left side menu without opening it. Swift up actions and collaborate efficiently with Cliq's