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                • Introducing Blueprints

                  Hello App Creators, Greetings from Zoho Creator! We're happy to inform you about a new feature called Blueprint—Zoho Creator's process management tool. This feature enables you to customize every detail of every process you design in your Creator application.
                • Troubleshooting in Creator #3: Deluge execution limit optimization

                  Dear developers, A Deluge statement execution corresponds to each line of code executed within a certain script. The total number of lines executed to complete a certain task on an action like on success is associated with a Deluge execution limit in
                • InteGreat 03: Integrating Zoho Creator with Zoho Books

                  Hi everyone, Today, we'll look at how to integrate your Zoho Creator app with Zoho Books. This is one of the most popular Zoho integrations that our customers use.  You can use this integration to automate processes like: Creating quotes and invoices in Zoho Books from within Zoho Creator Accessing quotes, bills, and invoices from within Zoho Creator Linking bills and invoices to a project and performing profit calculations With Deluge, you can use the built-in integration task to connect with the
                • Community Learning Webinar: Delve deep into the core concepts of Zoho Creator | 17th June, 2021

                  Dear developers, Every customer has unique business needs and unique problems to solve. To be able to give solutions to these problems, to get over any stumbling blocks and to be able to build applications expeditiously that tailor to specific needs,
                • Integreat 05: Integrating Zoho Creator with Zoho Cliq

                  Hi everyone,  This month, we'll look at how to integrate your Zoho Creator application with Zoho Cliq. This is one of the most popular Zoho integrations that our customers use. What is Zoho Cliq? Cliq is a workplace chat application that's part of the Zoho product suite. Integrating with Zoho Cliq You can use this integration to automate processes like posting comments in chat channels or BOT channels. 1. Post a comment in a chat channel in Cliq, directly from Zoho Creator Once you integrate your

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                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                      • using CRM API v2.1

                                                                        I'm trying to work out how to change our creator app to use the new 2.1 api, however I don't know where to look. does anyone else have this problem or do you know how to configure the system to use them.
                                                                      • Total each day to appear on Calendar View

                                                                        My company delivers various quantities of widgets to different addresses. We use Zoho to record [ADDRESS] [DATE] [QUANTITY] [OTHER INFO]. Right now I am having the Calendar View bring up quantities per day, but it's showing them all as individual records
                                                                      • Creator Widget JS API Example

                                                                        Does anyone have example code they could share which uses a ZOHO Creator widget to add a record. There are code snippets at the link below, but they aren't very extensive. https://www.zoho.com/creator/newhelp/app-settings/widgets/creator-api-for-wid
                                                                      • New App (Coda.io, Notion.so based)

                                                                        Hi Zoho Team and Community, I'm currently testing two apps for my business requirements to build apps more easily: www.coda.io www.notion.so  This apps have certain advantages compared with Zoho Creator: Databases are easy to deploy Database Views are
                                                                      • Submit Data via Email

                                                                        I am trying to submit data  by e-mail.  The basic proof of concept works, but the only Fields I can get to populate are the ZC_From, ZC_Subject, and ZC_Content as described in the online help info.  But I am unable to get any my own custom fields to populate