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                  • Upcoming Updates - March-April, 2021

                    Hi all,   We will be rolling out the following feature updates: Improving import data in the live application Enhancing print and export settings Providing file preview support to text files in reports Upgrading to v2 of Microsoft Power BI Providing Bulk
                  • Introducing Blueprints

                    Hello App Creators, Greetings from Zoho Creator! We're happy to inform you about a new feature called Blueprint—Zoho Creator's process management tool. This feature enables you to customize every detail of every process you design in your Creator application.
                  • Tip 4: How to dynamically display images in a live form.

                    Hi everyone, We hope our previous tip was useful to many of you here. We are back with a new tip that would help enhance the user experience of your app. Yes, that's right. Today, we will look at how to display an image in a live form that is already uploaded using another Zoho Creator form. That is, we will auto-populate the image within the Add Notes field based on input in another field. The logic behind this is pretty simple — just store, fetch, and display. To get a better understanding, let's
                  • Tip 7: How to fetch data from another application?

                    Hi everyone, Following our Zoho Creator - Tips and Tricks series every fortnight, we are back today with a tip based on one of the most popular questions asked in our forum. This tip would help you fetch data from another application(App B) and use it
                  • Upcoming Updates - November 2021

                    Hi all, Greetings from the Zoho Creator team! There are a few technical enhancements being introduced in Creator this month—improvements that will take the overall performance of your applications to the next level. This update will elaborate on: the

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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • Line break code assistance

                                                                                            Hi  Could anyone advise how I could code the below to add a line break between each: This is the code: input.Trial_Class_Booked = input.Trial_Class_Options.Class.Class_Name_for_Customer_Enrolment1; This is the workflow: https://creator.zoho.com.au/appbuilder/laura_shireelite/shire-elite/workflowbuilder/Input_Trial_Class_Booked_/edit
                                                                                          • Print

                                                                                            Hi All, I have written a code to print a page and content is feeded from a particular form but when i print something is overflowing and going to second page and i dont know what please help me here. I have attached the issue png as well.  Style Code
                                                                                          • get values differ and store in variable

                                                                                            Hi, For example , we have a text as - abc def ghe in that , i want to store - as   a = abc b=def c=ghe like this , based on space. because only space is common for all the texts . How can i do this ?? Thanks and Regards, Sidhant A.
                                                                                          • "Failed" V2 Bulk Read API

                                                                                            I'm receiving a "Failed" status when requesting a bulk read request from the creator API after about a minute of requesting updates using the request ID. This occurs when requesting data out of a report containing over 1 million records. I've tried submitting
                                                                                          • How to show/hide fields depending on their values from another field

                                                                                            I have a Products form I use to insert products to my custom application (built with Creator). There are 8 checkboxes for each product... we manually mark the checkboxes (or leave them empty) during input. Then I have a "WorkOrder" form which also has
                                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                                          • Join our developer community!

                                                                                            Dear developers, To improve communication and transparency with you, we started a developer-focused newsletter in early 2021. To expand the scope of  our outreach, we are looking to create a go-to database of our developer community across professional
                                                                                          • Introducing Zoho Creator's v2 APIs

                                                                                            Hello App Creators, Welcome to Zoho Creator's v2 APIs! This post will serve as the central point for migrating implementations of Creator's current APIs (v1) to v2. Improvements that v2 brings OAuth-based authentication, which is more secure than the
                                                                                          • [SESSION ENDED] Ask the Experts #07| Live Q&A: Building workflows with Blueprint in Zoho Creator |

                                                                                            Hello, Post the release of Zoho Creator Blueprint last month, we're happy to tell you that we'll be launching a new  'Ask the Experts' session on 16th September (Thursday) this month focussing on creating blueprints in Zoho Creator. The session will be
                                                                                          • Zoho Creator Community Webinars | October - November 2020 [Completed]

                                                                                            Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that Zoho Creator is hosting a new Community Webinar Series starting this October. This series is a learning initiative aimed at our developer community, where every session will take spotlight use cases focused on
                                                                                          • Community Learning Webinar - Zoho Creator Blueprint & other release updates | July 29, 2021

                                                                                            Dear developers, This June, the Creator team unveiled a slew of updates including UI enhancements to the Detail View of reports, an new capabilities in Data Import and Connections, and most important of all, the release of Blueprint in Creator.  Customize