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    • Early access for instant messaging channel integrations

      We're excited to announce four instant messaging ticketing channels—WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and WeChat—for Zoho Desk. Integrating with these applications lets you receive and respond to real-time requests from customers through these popular platforms.
    • Announcing Early Access to the next generation of Zoho Desk UI

      Customer service is one of the categories where efficiency and quality of service have to run in parallel, and your team's experience with their helpdesk goes a long way ensuring these aspects are uncompromised. Introducing DOT Design for Zoho Desk -
    • Introducing Default Custom Actions for Zoho Desk

      Hello Everyone,   We are delighted to introduce a new feature: Default Custom Actions for Zoho Desk.   In addition to the actions that you can automate with a workflow rule, we provide some more actions to automate. For example, when you receive multiple
    • Boost your Zoho Desk's performance by archiving tickets!

      The longer your help desk operations are, the more likely it is to accumulate tickets that are no longer relevant. For example, ticket records from a year ago are typically less relevant than currently open tickets. Such old tickets may eventually lead
    • Automation #2- Create recurring tickets using Schedules

      This is a monthly series where we pick some common use cases that have been either discussed or most asked about in our community and explain how they can be achieved using one of the automation capabilities in Zoho Desk.   Creating recurring tickets

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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • Forwarding tickets on behalf of a customer (no ticket creation!)

                                                                                            Hello, I am aware of the possibility to create a ticket in the name of another person (a customer). I wonder how I can manage the following situation. There is a customer ticket and I receive an email in my mailbox (not connected to Desk) and I want to
                                                                                          • Custom View for Closed Tickets that were Last Replied by Customer

                                                                                            We are trying to create a simple view that identifies all closed tickets where the last response on the ticket (email reply or public comment) is by the customer. I can't find a Filter Criteria that tracks if customer was last to reply to a ticket (as
                                                                                          • Ticket merge sends out an email

                                                                                            When we merge 2 tickets in Desk, there's an email send out automatically to the customer. I don't know if it's a "status update" email or a "ticket is closed" email but i suspect the first one. We have this issue with manual merge but also with automatically
                                                                                          • User Audit Trail

                                                                                            I don't see this functionality, so here it is:  It would be nice to run a report of all users and by type (Admin, Agent, Light) and their last login so we can tell if licensed users are still logging in.   This way we can send targeted emails to users
                                                                                          • Parentwindow reference error

                                                                                            Hi, I have a use case where I would like to embed an iframe in the Zohodesk layout and open our application from inside the iframe. Using this iframe I can do various operations using Zoho Desk API.So, I created the extension using Zoho Desk Extension
                                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                                          • Edit and Delete options in Comments

                                                                                            A lot of teams have been using ticket comments extensively to collaborate everyday. Notification Center further improved this experience by bringing real-time updates.  As we continue to build more improvements to this experience, we've shipped a small-yet-important one today: edit & delete ticket comments .  You'll find both these options right next to the comment you made.  By default, comment authors can edit their comments while administrators can edit all comments. Likewise, comment authors
                                                                                          • Announcing the New and Improved Article Editor

                                                                                            KBase articles are known to help customers, find solutions to problems on their own and set the stage for ticket deflection. That said, the way you present your KBase content is the clinching factor that ensures your customers stick around to consume it.  We took it upon ourselves to build an editor that allows you to publish articles without delving into the code. Well, at least for the most part. With more options and a redefined interface, the article editor in Zoho Desk is now better than ever!
                                                                                          • Zoho Desk Cheat Sheet For The Year-End

                                                                                            Check out these Zoho Desk best practices to end this year on a high and have a great one ahead! #1 Set Business (Holiday) Hours - If you have limited working hours, please make sure you restrict your business hours or set them as holidays for the coming days. Let your customers know when you will, and won't, be available. #2 Update the Annual Holiday List - Check the holidays for the new year and update the holiday schedule. Usually, holidays from the current year will be carried over for the next
                                                                                          • Zoho Support: Automate your way to Productivity using Time based Actions

                                                                                            To avoid pitfalls in customer support leading to lower customer satisfaction, longer response cycles, increased support cost, automation and productivity improvements become a must have. In this endeavor we at Zoho Support have bolstered the existing automation options with Time bases Actions and Macros. Time based actions are used to monitor your help-desk for pre-defined actions every one hour. So the next time when you see a massive pile-up of tickets in your help-desk queue, don't fret. Setup
                                                                                          • Deprecation of older versions of ASAP Mobile SDK | Zoho Desk

                                                                                            Hello, everyone.    Greetings from Zoho Desk ASAP!   In order to continue to deliver the best and most secure experience to our mobile SDK users. On account of the recent enhancements and updates to the mobile SDKs, we have planned to mark the older versions