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        • Deprecating the departmentIds query parameter

          If you use the "List Products" API to fetch a list of products from your help desk portal, this announcement is for you. This is to inform you that we've decided to permanently deprecate the departmentIds param from both requests and responses presented
        • [BREAKING]: Webhooks' callback waiting times are reduced

          As mentioned on our webhook documentation, we should receive a response within 10 seconds of firing the Zoho Desk events to the specified webhook callback URL. However, on analyzing the behavior of existing webhook subscriptions, we concluded that most
        • Major Change: Handling Time Zone Compatibility in Time Entry APIs

          Dear Zoho Desk API users,  We recently identified a compatibility issue related to time zone conversion in our time entry APIs.  Here's a detailed breakdown of the issue and the change you need to make to resolve it.  The Issue Our time entry APIs (GET 
        • Functional Change: Validating email IDs in Zoho Desk REST APIs

          Dear Zoho Desk API users, As part of our continuous API enhancement efforts, we are introducing a bunch of validation rules for email IDs that are passed in our REST APIs.  Until now, only basic validation of email IDs was being carried out in our APIs.
        • Critical Update - Authtokens in Zoho Desk REST APIs will Stop Working in a Week

          Dear Zoho Desk API users,  In the second half of 2020, we had decided to indefinitely deprecate the use of authtokens and instead use OAuth tokens for authenticating users. We had informed the developer community about this critical change and the need

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                                                                                          • google-mybusiness-integration-for zoho-desk

                                                                                            We are having issues with this integration , for ZOHO DESK . Payment for google my business add-on was done for our organization , using one agent account to access the payment page , the rest of the agents on ZOHO desk can't see the add on , we want