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                      • Automation #4 - Auto Delete Tickets based on Rules

                        This is a monthly series in which we pick some common use cases that have been either discussed or most asked about in our community and explain how they can be achieved using one of the automation capabilities in Zoho Desk.   Unwanted tickets spamming
                      • Default Email Templates - Zoho Desk - iOS

                        Hello, Everyone! In the latest iOS version(v2.8.11) of the Zoho Desk mobile app, we have enhanced and revamped the email templates functionality. Here's what's new and improved: Default Email Templates: You can now mark a template as 'Default' directly
                      • Default Ticket Listing - Zoho Desk - Android

                        Hello, everyone! In the latest Android version (v2.6.21) for Zoho Desk mobile app, we have brought in support for the 'Default Ticket Listing' feature Previously, the classic ticket list was the default option. Now, with the Default Ticket Listing feature,
                      • Layout and Validation rules for Quick actions - Zoho Desk - iOS

                        Hello, Everyone! In the iOS version(v2.8.10) of the Zoho Desk mobile app, we have extended support for Layout rules and Validation rules in Quick Actions for the Tickets and Tasks modules. When a layout or validation rule condition is satisfied, an intermediary
                      • Custom Modules - Zoho Desk - Android

                        Hi, everyone! In the Android version(v2.6.20) of the Zoho Desk mobile app, we have introduced support for custom modules. Related Items Support: You can now link custom modules with Tickets, Contacts, and Accounts, allowing a integrated view of your data.
                      • Most Discussed Topics

                      • Zoho Desk and 'BCC Dropbox'

                        Hi Is there anything like 'BCC Dropbox' (from CRM) available in Desk? Thanks
                      • ZOHO DESK guided conversation responses

                        Hi I have been using a block with customer rating for our whatsapp integration. It works, customers can rate us... But what can I do with those ratings? Is there any way to link it to the actual customer satisfaction module? Or is there any way to have
                      • How Do I Add a Tag to Multiple Tickets?

                        I'd like to be able to select multiple tickets and apply the same tag to all of them, but I don't see any way to do that. Is this possible? Thanks, Celeste
                      • DESK TICKET layout setting

                        I added a department in DESK, but I don’t need this department to have the TICKET layout. The system default does not allow me to close it. What should I do to prevent it from being displayed?
                      • Web forms on the customer portal

                        Good morning, all I am in the middle of a issue i can not figure out based off the info i am searching for online. I am looking to create a new hire form that asks a few questions like name, dept and if they need a pc, software access, etc and i think

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                                                                                  • 2024 Email Authentication Standards: Elevating Security with Google and Yahoo

                                                                                    In contemporary email communication, email authentication plays a pivotal role in mitigating email fraud, spam, and phishing attacks. Brace yourself for a new level of security. Starting February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will be implementing robust email
                                                                                  • Announcing the New and Improved Article Editor

                                                                                    KBase articles are known to help customers, find solutions to problems on their own and set the stage for ticket deflection. That said, the way you present your KBase content is the clinching factor that ensures your customers stick around to consume it.  We took it upon ourselves to build an editor that allows you to publish articles without delving into the code. Well, at least for the most part. With more options and a redefined interface, the article editor in Zoho Desk is now better than ever!
                                                                                  • Apple iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates for Zoho Desk users

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Desk users! Apple recently announced the release of iOS 17 and iPad OS 17. These latest OS updates will help you stay productive and efficient, through interactive and seamless user experiences. Zoho Desk has incorporated the updates to help
                                                                                  • Zoho Desk Partners with Microsoft's M365 Copilot for seamless customer service experiences

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Desk users, We are happy to announce that Zoho Desk has partnered with Microsoft's M365 to empower customer service teams with enhanced capabilities and seamless experiences for agents. Microsoft announced their partnership during their keynote
                                                                                  • Announcing the Happiness Rating 2.0!

                                                                                    Today, we are excited to introduce you to Happiness Ratings 2.0. We’ve enhanced our happiness rating offering with more features and reports to help you make more sense of your customer service. Here is the list of new additions and improvements that this release incorporates.    Rating Option in Emails All this while, your customers were required to click the rating link from within an email to view the rating options. Today, you can choose to display the options (Good, Bad & Okay) just below the

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