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                      • Introducing Batch Tracking on Zoho Inventory!

                        Ever wanted to track the expiry dates of your products so that you may be able to sell every item that arrived in a batch?  Ever wanted to curb the instances of selling defective units to your customers?  Well, your wait is over!  We have something that would help you do all these things and more.  Zoho Inventory is happy to announce the release of its much-awaited feature, Batch Tracking! What is Batch Tracking?  The term Batch Tracking, in its primal form means, to track a group of items with similar
                      • Categorize Items with Item Headers

                        Hello customers, Did you ever want to classify items based on specific categories to help your customers understand your invoice better? With the new Item Header feature, you can easily categorize items in your invoices and estimates and give them a common title.  Item Headers are available in the Invoices, the Recurring Invoices and the Estimates module. It can be carried forward from estimates to invoices at the time of converting the estimates.  To add an item header: Go to the Estimates, Invoices
                      • What's New in Zoho Inventory - Q4 2023

                        Hello, users! As we draw curtains on 2023, we would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our exciting journey so far. 2023 has been a year of performance enhancements and updates. We've tried to fill the small gaps that you've been
                      • [Free Webinar] Build an online store and boost your sales with Zoho

                        Good day, everyone! We're hosting a free webinar that will walk you through the ecommerce business cycle and showcase how Zoho Commerce and Zoho Inventory bring efficiency and innovation to your business at every stage from start to sale. Don't miss out
                      • Tip #1 Automating online sales order to invoice conversions in Zoho Inventory

                        Hello,   Hope the day is treating you well. We've been getting more than a few requests from online sellers who use Zoho Inventory to help them automate invoice generation for all online orders that drop into Zoho Inventory automatically from a sales channel or a shopping cart that they have integrated. Are you an online seller like them? Then we've got some exciting news for you. You can do it with the help of a few simple things that we'll see here today. So how do we go about this? If you have
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                      • formula for calculating boxes into unit of meassure

                        hi ... i need help on how to do the following : We sell tiles.... and invoices, quotes, etc.... are sold in Boxes. We want to show customer how many square meter is the total of the boxes purchased. Example ..... 1 box contains 1.44 square meter.......
                      • Order Processing Work Flow and Pending Item Report

                        Hello, Zoho Community, Excited to join you all! Our business specializes in building materials trading, and we're currently transitioning from Tally to Zoho Books and Inventory, with existing Zoho One licenses. We're facing some challenges, particularly
                      • Different Units for Purchase and Sale

                        Hello, We are in a bit of a dilemma in setting up Zoho, We have different purchasing and selling Unit, Example The Supply Chain Team, buys 10 CTN of Syrup Each CTN have 6 Pieces The Selling Unit is by pieces Is there a way the SC team can continue with
                      • customizing the Inventory dashboard

                        Hey, everybody. I am dealing with Zoho Inventory right now. In the dashboard of the application, there is a report of top selling products. Is there any way to customize the appearance of the report? If for example I want to view it in tabular form? I
                      • 'I have received payment' checkbox UI quirk

                        Hello On the invoice creation screen in Zoho Inventory/Books, there is the option to select 'I have received payment' down below the item table and record the payment there rather than as a separate step, a feature we have been using lately particularly

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                                                                                  • Zoho Finance Workshop 2023 is coming to the USA. Meet the experts, get exclusive training on Zoho Finance apps and more.

                                                                                    Hello all, We'd like to invite you to our biggest Zoho Finance workshop in the United States. After a brief break, we are excited to be back. This year, we're bringing together our customers and community members for two days of curated hands-on sessions,
                                                                                  • Celebrating our Zoho Community SuperBuds

                                                                                    The SuperBud program recognizes the efforts Zoho users  put in to help the rest of the community thrive and grow in their individual Zoho journeys. Be it the ZUG meetups  or these forums, several Zoho users including our MVPs andZUG leaders, have stepped
                                                                                  • Ask the Experts - Zoho Inventory #15: 7 hours of live discussion on the integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho Desk

                                                                                    Hello all! Customer experience lies at the heart of business success. In this week's 'Ask the Experts - Zoho Inventory', let's discuss integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Desk for better customer experience. Zoho Inventory integrates with Zoho Desk to bring you the speediest communication with your customers. This integration helps you make sure that your customer service representatives and your sales team are always connected to your back office so they can immediately respond to order-related
                                                                                  • Authtoken Deprecation for Zoho Inventory APIs

                                                                                    UPDATE (7 July 2021): We've extended the deadline to 30 August 2021 for converting Authtokens to OAuth.  Hello everyone,   The usage of Authtokens to authenticate API calls is being deprecated on 30 August 2021 across Zoho's Finance suite of products,
                                                                                  • Ask the Experts - Zoho Inventory #13: 7 hours of live discussion on the integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho Sign

                                                                                    Hello all! We are back with an important topic for discussion today on 'Ask the Experts - Zoho Inventory.' Let's discuss the integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho Sign for e-sign capabilities for your organization.   We're seeing a tremendous increase in e-signature requirements with most of our customers currently working from home. At the moment, the only workflow available in Zoho Inventory to handle this is to create an Invoice and get it signed digitally by your customers. Here are some

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