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                • Zoho Mail mobile app - Expanding and Collapsing folders

                   Hello All,  We have kickstarted the month of September with an eye-catching update in our Zoho Mail mobile app. In our recent update, we have released a UI related feature which a lot of you, our users, have requested for - 'Expanding and Collapsing folders'.  Scrolling through a huge list of folders to check for emails within a particular folder can be time-consuming. You can now easily access your emails by expanding or collapsing the folders in the Zoho Mail app.  You can expand the folders by
                • Bigin app update - Android

                  Hello everyone! In the Android version of the Bigin mobile app (v1.6.3), we have introduced support for Caller ID functionality. With this feature, you can now view contact details and access them by tapping the Caller ID banner, which will direct you
                • Secondary contacts is now supported in Bigin Android mobile app.

                  Hello All,   In Bigin Android mobile app (v1.4.1), we have brought in support for Secondary contacts. It is introduced in the Deals Module as a multi select lookup field. Secondary contact field in Deal Add form: Secondary contact page: Users can now
                • All-new Zoho Projects Mobile App

                  Zoho Projects is now in the palm of your hand. We are glad to announce the new look Zoho Projects Mobile App . With apps tailor-made for Android and iOS, project management is now truly mobile. Working on your projects or communicating with your team is just a matter of few 'taps'.   Under the hood:   The visually appealing Kanban view lets you work on tasks and bugs with a simple drag and drop. Use Timesheets or the in-built Timer to log time and track work. Attach documents and images when adding
                • Project Dashboard is now made available in Zoho Projects mobile app

                  Hello folks, Here's to the users who were looking to get a comprehensive overview of your projects with our neat and elegant dashboard widgets. I am glad to inform you that we have brought in support for 'Dashboards' in the latest version (v3.3) of the Zoho Projects Android app.    To view the Dashboard in the Zoho Projects mobile app, follow the steps mentioned below:    1. Go to Zoho Projects mobile app.  2. Click the hamburger icon (3 lines at the top left corner).  3. Select 'Projects'.  4. Go

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                                                                                    • Tip #3: Use Check-in to geo-tag your client visits instantly

                                                                                      Hello everyone!We are back with a new tip for this week. In case you missed our previous tip on layout based conversion mapping, you can read about it here. This week's tip goes out to all the sales reps and sales managers out there.  Tip #3: Use Check-in to geo-tag your client visits instantly  Done with your client visit? Yay!  But wait, here comes your next bit of boring yet important things that you do: Call your sales manager and inform him/her that you are done with the meeting. Create/update
                                                                                    • Zoho Mail For iPad

                                                                                      We are happy to announce the release of Zoho Mail for iPad. More details here: https://blogs.zoho.com/general/zoho-mail-is-now-optimized-for-ipad. Do try this out and share your thoughts. You can mail to support[at]zohomobile[dot]com, post responses in this thread, hit feedback or simply 'like' the application to let us know what you think.  PS: Dont forget to check out the themes. Regards, Gopalakrishnan V Zoho Mobile Team
                                                                                    • Zoho CRM for iPhone and Android - Release announcement

                                                                                      We are happy to announce the Mobile Edition of Zoho CRM (Beta) for iPhone and Android devices. This is available for all editions (Free, Professional and Enterprise).  How to access? You can access Zoho CRM from mobile.zoho.com with your existing Zoho CRM credentials. After logging in, choose CRM from the list of applications. Feature Highlights Access to Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials (Opportunities), Tasks and Events modules. You can View, Create, Edit and Delete records in all these modules.
                                                                                    • Android App for Zoho CRM - Release announcement

                                                                                      We are pleased to announce the release of our Android app for Zoho CRM in  Google Market (Google Play). The App is free to download from the App store but you need to activate the "Mobile Add-on" in your CRM account to use the app. The app comes with a 15 day trial period after which users have to subscribe to the mobile add-on package at $3 per user per month (as is the case with our CRM native apps across other platforms like iPhone and Blackberry) to continue using the app. More details on activating
                                                                                    • Zoho CRM app for iPhone - Release announcement

                                                                                      We are glad to inform the release of our iPhone app for Zoho CRM in the iTunes app store. More on this announcement is covered in the following blog post. https://blogs.zoho.com/general/introducing-the-zoho-crm-app-for-iphone-and-mobile-web-access Do use our app(s) and keep us posted with your feedback (either through this forum or by emailing us at support[at]zohomobile[dot]com). Shanthivardhan

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