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                • Capture more leads with Realtor Zobot, the real estate bot assistant!

                  With the real estate Zobot, you can literally close more deals than humanly possible. It engages, nurtures, and converts buyers and sellers into clients. Say there is a visitor on your real estate website who is on the lookout for a new place to move in to or is looking to sell his/her property. The visitor is pretty lost and is seeking for help. You, being a real estate agent who is endlessly juggling old and new properties, evaluating properties and chasing goals, miss out on this potential visitor.
                • Explore the potential of Zobot-Zia Skills integration

                  Basics first, what is a Zobot? Zobot is a flexible bot development framework, that will let you build AI assistants that can be deployed to assist visitors hitting your site. Functionalities of the bots can be streamlined based on your business requirements without having to compromise your needs. Zobot is also open for integration with other best bot building platforms. What are Zia Skills? Zia skills platform lets you build conversational AI assistants, that are capable of more than just merely
                • Zobot Tip 1: Keep your visitors from waiting with chat forward action in the Zobot!

                  Visitors on a website do not usually like to be placed in situations where they need to wait for a response to their query. The Zobot eases this situation with its instantaneous and accurate responses. But what happens when the Zobot itself is in a situation where it does not know the answer to a question that the visitor has put up? This is when chat forward comes in handy.  The 'forward' action in the Zobot: The 'forward' action in the Zobot lets the Zobot transfer chats to operators inside your
                • A Spreadsheet is enough to create and update your QnA bot. Check how!

                  There is an update on this bot, and it is not available for new implementations. If you have implemented it already, it will work as expected.  ​​​​ Yes, now you can create and update your QnA bot with the help of a spreadsheet.  We've built a Zobot that can answer FAQs with the help of Google Spreadsheet instead of scripts. Also, we have integrated the Zobot with Dialogflow to respond to other common questions that are not updated in the spreadsheet.    For your benefit we're sharing the logic and
                • Revamp your institution's admission model with the Edubot!

                  Students always have numerous questions and they need immediate assistance with respect to that. Assigning a dedicated human staff to address this may not be as effective because human resources definitely have certain limitations and they can only meet with a handful of students every day.  In this case, it becomes crucial for educational institutions to improve their student communication process, especially during the admission season. Zobots can remodel your current admission structure and enhance

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                                                                            • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                            • SalesIQ SDK for React native error on building

                                                                              Hello there, I want to intergrade SalesIQ to my react native application, the installation guide very clean and I am following these step fine. But unfortunately I got an error on building: D:\MY_APP\node_modules\react-native-momosdk\android\build\intermediates\runtime_library_classes_jar\debug\classes.jar:
                                                                            • Allow the reordering of Criteria Router Rules

                                                                              The criteria router feature in SalesIQ is a great feature as it allows me to define different rules for different pages on my website and lets me add contextual quizzes. If I understand it correctly, the Criteria Router evaluates these rules in order,
                                                                            • Add an undo button in code less bot builder

                                                                              This will help when we accidentally cut the wrong flow using the scissor tool. The code less bot builder, in addition to disconnecting the flow, also rearranges all the downstream blocks all the way at the bottom of the screen. So we need to reassemble