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    • Convert more prospects to customers with in-app engagement - Zoho SalesIQ

      According to a recent study, the average person spends over 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone daily. That's a lot of time! And 90% of that time is spent using apps. With so much time spent on our mobile devices, it's no wonder that the mobile app
    • WFH Tip 4: Keep your customer support game up and running 24/7 with Zobots!

      Greetings from Zoho SalesIQ! We hope all is well with you. We're back with another tip on a significant feature of Zoho SalesIQ - the Zobot. The Zobot is a bot development platform on Zoho SalesIQ, using which you can build very compelling chatbots to automate customer interactions. The Zobot is designed to interact with your website visitors conversationally, based on its programming. It automates the process of interacting with your website visitors and helps you maintain the presence of a helping
    • Plug Sample #5 - Read and write values/data in a Google sheet with Zobot

      We all know google sheets are one of the widely used spreadsheet software. It helps us to make data-driven decisions. When connecting the Zobot with sheets, the bot can display values/data from a spreadsheet, like the available stock details (Item price,
    • Now connect your existing WhatsApp business account with SalesIQ

      We had a great response from our customers for our SalesIQ - WhatsApp channel that we released a while back. The WhatsApp channel used Twilio,  a third-party app, to connect your SalesIQ portal to WhatsApp. However, there were a few limitations, and one
    • SalesIQ's Native Screen Share Feature - Seamless Customer Support #1

      Hello everyone! We are presenting a series of posts on making your customer support experience with SalesIQ, seamless and extremely effective. The first of the many features we will be discussing is the Native Screen share option, a favourite of many

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                                                                                    • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                    • Zobot not following assigned workflows when testing

                                                                                      When I'm testing Zobot, it's not following the assigned workflows that it should be. Sometimes it'll end early and other times it'll choose a random path to follow. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
                                                                                    • Error on init SDK in flutter

                                                                                      Hi, I have a problem when init SalesIQ SDK in flutter. I have used the correct appKey and accessKey but still error on init. Here is the guide that I have used: https://www.zoho.com/salesiq/help/developer-guides/flutter-sdk-event-handler-chatEventChannel.html. I
                                                                                    • Whatsapp voice verification dont arrive

                                                                                      Hello, I'm trying to integrate with Whatsapp, but when checking WhatsApp voice call, nothing arrives at the requested number
                                                                                    • How do I stop SalesIQ from emailing me reports.

                                                                                      I do not want this report being emailed to me. How do I stop it? There is no unsubscribe option nor link to take me to where I can set what I want to be emailed about. Then I go to SalesIQ and spend 5 minutes searching how to stop it and can't find a
                                                                                    • Associating a website visit to a lead.

                                                                                      I have the SalesIQ javascript installed. How do you manually associate a website visit with an existing CRM lead?