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              • Spotlight series #6: The Show app for Android TV has a new look!

                Hello everyone! We are delighted to introduce our revamped and redesigned Show app for Android TV.  Smart TVs are exploding in popularity. Android TV alone has over 110 million active monthly devices. Zoho Show, as part of a constant effort to improve
              • Spotlight series #18- Present data graphically with charts

                Hello everyone, This month's spotlight is on charts. Data storytelling is an effective way to present information to your audience. The three major components of data story telling are data, narratives, and visuals. While all three depend on the story
              • Customize and reuse presentation template using the Show app for Android and iOS

                Hi Everyone,   We're pleased to announce the availability of presentation templates in the Show app for Android and iOS.   The Show mobile app offers a wide range of designs to help you get started with presentations quickly using your mobile. You can customize and reuse these pre-designed templates from your mobile device.  The Templates icon in the bottom-right of the Create Presentation screen contains designs for several different categories such as Education , HR , and Sales . From here, you
              • Tips and tricks #63: Hold and Drag to select elements in the Show app for iOS

                Hello everyone! Welcome to another tips and tricks article. In today's article, we will learn about the Hold and Drag function in the Show app for iOS. The Hold and Drag option lets you select multiple elements on a slide quickly. Once they are selected,
              • Ask the experts: Collaborate with Show

                Hello everyone, Ask the experts is a live forum session where our product experts answer all your questions about a specific feature in Show. You can learn from other users' experiences and also get direct insights from our panelists. ➤ How do I share
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              • [Android App] Shows Hidden Slides of Published Decks to the General Public

                I have a couple of slide decks that I publish to the world. Oftentimes, they include hidden slides. When a published deck is opened by someone using an Android device who has no privileges to the deck, the deck is opened in a browser and hidden slides
              • AppleTV and Embed Code

                I'm trying to create a presentation where the embed code shows a countdown timer from another website. Will Zoho's Show App on the AppleTV do this? I have a hunch that the AppleTV will force it into it's own sandbox and not allow for extraneous code...

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                                                                                • Tip and Tricks #01: Take your text for a spin

                                                                                  Hello folks, Zoho Show's all-new, clear, contextual interface was a great update to an already great product, so we thought you might appreciate some help putting it to good use.  Following this release, the Zoho Show Community is happy to launch  Tips
                                                                                • Tips and Tricks #08: Lock and unlock objects in Zoho Show

                                                                                  Hello everyone, Here is a tip about just one of the many interesting tools in Zoho Show.  Let's say the marketing and design teams are working together on a product launch. With multiple people working on this shared presentation, and rushing to get it
                                                                                • Tips and Tricks #06: Animate text at the paragraph level on Zoho Show.

                                                                                  Hi guys!   We're back with another Show tip! Before we jump into it, let's read through a quick scenario first.    Say you have a slide with a list of bullets and paragraph levels to present to your audience. The second it's on the screen, your audience
                                                                                • Tips and Tricks #05: Add pictures as comments within a slide.

                                                                                  Hello everyone,   We're back with a new Show tip.  In today's post, we'll look at a more interesting way to comment and collaborate on a slide in Zoho Show. ​ No matter where your colleagues are in the world, using comments to share opinions or give feedback is
                                                                                • Introducing Zoho Show extension in Your Chrome Browser

                                                                                  Hi everyone, Over the years, Chrome's feature-rich support extensions have grown to offer additional ways to easily access your favorite tools from anywhere. Today, Zoho Show is excited to announce our integration with Google Chrome as an extension app to help build and access presentations directly from your browser.   Zoho Show for Google Chrome is a free extension that allows you to dive straight into drafting your presentation material. Simply install the Show extension from the Chrome Web Store

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