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                    • Upload Document task issue

                      https://www.zoho.com/deluge/help/writer/upload-document.html in the documentation it is saying to write the folder id of the folder in Docs, but Docs has been discontinued. what do i do in this case?
                    • Header formatting not preserved when downloading document from Zoho writer to MS Word

                      For the past few years we have been using Zoho Writer to merge and generate our sales proposals, then we download the finished proposal to MS Word. This process has worked seamlessly until this week. Now when the document is downloaded from Zoho Writer
                    • Browser Extension

                      Will you please create a browser extension (Edge for me) so I can quickly access recent documents without having to hunt them down in Projects or Workdrive? There is a Sheets extension that works great for this purpose.
                    • [Webinar] Learn how to create design documents, manuals, SOPs, and more with Zoho Writer

                      Hi Zoho Writer users, We're excited to announce the Zoho Writer webinar for February 2024: Learn how to create design documents, manuals, SOPs, and more with Writer's tools. This webinar will focus on how Zoho Writer can help create complex business documents

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