How to Create Net Promoter Score Questions in Zoho Survey | Online Help Guide

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions help measure the willingness of a customer to recommend a product or a service to others. NPS is now used as an alternative or supplement to customer satisfaction measurement and to rate a product within a constant score range (0-10). NPS divides the participants into three different buckets based on the range of scores they selected: Promoters (scale points 9 and 10), Passives (scale points 7 and 8), and Detractors (scale points 0 through 6). You can separate the scores based on the logic conditions and the bucket categories they fall into. You can also customize the end page of your survey by setting a logic. Read more on customizing end pages
For example, you could use an NPS question in a cafe customer feedback survey to check whether your customers would recommend the place to their friends and family.

NPS question sample:

To add a NPS question to your survey:

  1. Click NPS in the question types listed on the left pane. You can also drag and drop the question type to the builder. 
  2. In the Question box, type your question. 
    1. If you want to mark the question mandatory, select the Make this question mandatory checkbox.
    2. If you want to make changes to the default Error message text that displays, edit the content in the text box.
    3. If you want to pipe in custom variables or variables from previous questions and customize the follow-up questions, click Insert Variable right above the Question box, and select the variable you want to use from the list. Read more on Piping.
  3. In the Answer section, you can perform the following actions:
    1. In the Representation dropdown, select NumbersSmileys, Boxes, Circles, Rectangle or Custom Images.
      1. If you select Smileys, Boxes, Circles, or Rectangle, choose the colour scheme you want to use. You can either use the standard colour theme, a gradient colour pattern, a set of three colours, or custom colours from the palette.

      2. If you select Custom Images, you can select Custom Set or Range Set as one of the representation types.

        You can upload JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG images in the Answer section.Image sizes should not exceed 50kb.

        1. Click on .

          1. To select the image from your gallery, click on From image gallery, and select Drop image here.
          2. To upload an image from a URL, click on From URL, and enter the image's URL in the Image URL text box.
    2. Name the highest and the lowest score labels. This is not a mandatory field.
    3. Select Add "Not applicable" option, if required. When a respondent chooses this option it will be excluded while calculating the data statistics for that particular question. For example, it will not be taken into consideration while calculating the mean, frequency, standard deviation etc. 
    4. If you want to change the colour of the uploaded (only) SVG  image, click on the image and choose Change Colour from the provided list of choices.
    5. Choose Custom/Range Set. Click on the right pane of the image you want to edit and choose Change Image icon to modify the image. 

    6. To delete the image, click  in the right corner of the selected image.

  • To know what more you can do with the question, click Advanced options. You can perform the following actions:
    1. The autofill or prepopulate answer feature allows you to prepopulate single-variable survey responses automatically before sending them to respondents. To prepopulate answers for a known respondent, select Prepopulate answer.
    2. To add a comments box, select Add 'Comments'  field. If you want to change the name of the field, in the Comments field label box, type in the new field name.
    3. Question hint is used to add hints to your question and help your respondents get a clear idea of what your questions are all about. This feature is optional and is available only for certain types of questions. 
      Add survey question hint
  • Switch to the Display Logic and Answer Display Logic tabs to add a logic condition to the question and answer choices respectively.
  • To save the changes, click Save.
  • To discard the changes, click Cancel.
  • To view the reports for your NPS questions:

    For NPS questions, the reports show a meter gauge chart with the details of responses under each of those categories and the final calculated NPS. It also displays the number of responses that fall under Passives, Detractors, and Promoters. The Individual Responses section shows the individual scores of the respondents. You can also customize the chart and export it as an image or a PDF.

    To filter the responses based on the NPS score:

    NPS questions also have the option to filter your responses based on the score. The filter helps you separate the scores as promoters, passives, and detractors. You can set question conditions and analyze the data for a particular set of respondents. It also helps you view the data for a subset of responses based on the conditions you set in the filter. Read more on managing filters.

    To export your NPS responses:

    You can now export your NPS responses into an image or a PDF. You can also export the summary of all responses into a CSV, spreadsheet, PDF, SPSS, or Tableau extract, and can be opened in Zoho Sheet. You can embed the sheet in an email too. For more export options, read on Export Reports.


     In the following cases, an error will be thrown.

    1. When view box or width and height attributes are missing.
    2. As SVG images are supported across all platforms, they will be converted to a PNG image format for your convenience.
    For example, when you want to distribute surveys via email, SVG images may not be properly supported. To ensure proper distribution, we will convert SVG images to PNG format.

    To Resolve: Please re-upload the SVG image within 50KB (file size).

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