Calendar invite compatibility from Zoho products to third-party calendars such as Google and Microsoft.

Calendar invite compatibility from Zoho products to third-party calendars such as Google and Microsoft.

Hello Zoho One community. I need your help and guidance, please.

Use case: I'm on a two-person team running a non-profit of 800 attorneys, many who use Microsoft products, with 13 committees.. all with their own rosters and monthly calendar invites. We're moving from Google to Zoho One. Attorneys are deeply dependent on their calendars and we need the volunteer help we receive from our committee members. It's imperative their calendars reflect their meetings with our organization with little to no intervention from the end user. 

Our plan so far:
  1. Bring all members to a Zoho Connect external network as full members of the network.
  2. Use private groups within Zoho Connect to organize each committee and their work.
  3. Use the event function within each group to maintain single and/or recurring calendar invites.
  1. Our association members have a low appetite for technology and therefore are not interested in creating and maintaining integrations.
  2. Even if they were open to creating integrations, it appears Microsoft users can only sync with one calendar in the network. (that's an obvious fail in our use case)
  3. My conversation with Zoho Connect help so far:
How you can help:
  1. Help me figure out which product will allow me to create groups of external users and issue single instance or recurring calendar invites (or events) which can be easily synced to their preferred calendar provider. (again, MANY use Outlook.)
  2. We just started using CRM and I'm wondering if that could hold the answer? Can anyone offer any feedback as to how this can be solved through CRM??
  3. Is Zoho Meeting and CRM the right combination? We use Zoom because of streaming quality issues when using Zoho Meeting. Please advise.
  4. Is there a product or solution within the stack that I'm not thinking of? (Remember, we only have two employees. Everyone else is external and are volunteers.)
Thank you, in advance, for any help, guidance, direction, and advice. I need to solve this asap!

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