Cleaning Services: Creating Amazing Appointment Scheduling Sites

Cleaning Services: Creating Amazing Appointment Scheduling Sites

In industries like the cleaning industry, it is relatively difficult to portray the quality and performance of a company through its websites. Often, many companies overlook the importance of having a very good website and appointment scheduling site, simply because this is something that is new to this industry.

Therefore, in the eyes of the customer, a company who has a very attractive website and appointment scheduling site is far more likely to be trusted than one that looks lacking when compared to the first one.

Most companies do not even realize this until it is too late. Therefore, if you are a part of a company who is looking to boost their online presence, you need to know how to build it in the best way possible.

In this guide, we will go through on how you can achieve this effectively on your appointment scheduling site without spending too much time trying to get it right.

Do you really need an attractive appointment scheduling site for your company?

It is important to present yourself in the best possible manner when running a company because that not only do you encourage trust in the person visiting the web, but can also attract your potential clients because the trust plays a major role.

Most businesses in this industry do not pay any attention to their websites and this is precisely why you need to do so to achieve a competitive edge. Booking pages in today's internet-centric world give the customer a sense of quality and trustworthiness.

It is therefore very important that you have your booking page designed in the right way so that you can offer your customers a great online experience, which they will certainly appreciate.

Certain rules and guidelines need to be followed while doing this. But why?

The services in this industry are usually something that cannot be very easily depicted online. You need to portray an image, whether online or offline, that shows quality in every part of your company.

Unlike other industries where your online experience may have the job of just informing customers about their services, you need to do much more than that to get new customers and retain them.

All of this should be done in a way that only from the online experience alone, you look much better than your competition. This way, you will make sure that you are going to be the preferred preference for those evaluating you to your competition. Be it Yoga, Child Care, Dental Clinics or any other industry for that matter, having an attractive and good-looking appointment scheduling website can only work wonders for your business.

This guide will provide an overview of what you need to know while designing your appointment scheduling page in this industry. If you need an in-depth guide covering every step of the process, we have a guide for that very purpose.

All right, so, how should you go about making an appointment scheduling site?

Visuals take on a larger role in this industry than text on company web sites. You should therefore concentrate more on them than others, since the right image will convey far more than just a line of text.

Each element on the page should be easy on the eyes, without asking them too much effort. You should make the style of the booking page simple to grasp by having it concise and visually appealing.

Zoho Bookings luckily has many models to pick from to get going in this regard. As for the second part, we will guide you on how to make it as interesting as possible without putting too much effort into it.

The best place to start is your background image.

You should have an idea about how your booking page should look like at the end before we start with that. You can check other websites and pages in this field to help you do so.

If you carefully observe, you will notice that almost all of them have a certain color scheme that will be used across the website. In fact, the colors selected are often very likely to be influenced by the logo. This is because picking a color scheme like this on your website will introduce a professional look and quality look.

When you are imaging your booking website, you should also take it into account so it does not appear out of place.

This will help us to avoid the customer from being overwhelmed by the design of the booking page, which you definitely need to avoid doing so. Keep in mind that we need just the right amount of design on your booking page, without overdoing anything on it.

Do note that if you want to go with an image-based background rather than a solid color, try to use an image in which the major colors are the same as the one that you have picked earlier.

Once a color you need to use is picked, look for another color that can be used effectively with this. Most companies in this industry are using single colors on their logos, which opens up a lot of secondary options.

The advantage in a color scheme that requires just one permanent color is that along with it, you can test out several other colors.

Given that there are too many colors to pick from, how can we select the second one for our scheme? In order to do that, try to answer the following questions in such a way that you come up with a color or two as the answer:
  1. What is the most dominant color in my company logo?
  2. If my company logo is in a single color, what other color is used extensively on my company website?
  3. What color can I use on my page so that it goes well with the first one so that their combination is visually calm and pleasing to my eyes?
If you have an answer to these questions, then we would suggest you to go ahead with that color as the second one that can be used on your color scheme.

Bearing in mind the combination of these two colors, try to look for a background image that very well incorporates these. That is because it provides a very consistent and appealing feel to your booking page as this color scheme is used heavily on all the elements of your booking page.

An exception to that is that if you do have a website that uses a certain color scheme, it would be easier to stick with that as that will offer the website and the booking page a far more complete look.

Additionally, you can use photos that are owned by the business for its own purposes. If not, you can search for pictures from websites such as Shutterstock and 123rf for pictures offered for this specific reason or you can even check for royalty-free pictures from other outlets.

Make sure the picture you choose is not too cluttered with topics, so you can clearly see the text that will appear across it on the booking page. If you choose to modify the image in addition to the default logo on the website, such as applying the company logo to it, please bear in mind that you will need to use software such as Canva or specialized tools such as Photoshop for this reason.

Now that your background image is finalized, let’s go over the color customization next.

What about the other things on your site, then?

We had previously mentioned that the color scheme that was used should also be used on other elements on the page. This is so that when it comes to visual aesthetics, we can ensure the background and the elements go well with each other.

When adding the same for both the text and the button, make sure that the correct color is added that corresponds with the color underneath. For instance, if the background color on the page where the text is being populated is white, then the text color should be the other color you have chosen in your color scheme.

This is achieved so you can make sure your clients can see the text on your booking page clearly without needing to strain their eyes to understand it. Besides that, you can also make sure that for the same purposes, the business logo used on the booking page always matches well against the backdrop.

Check out the website after you have completed both of these, by clicking on the Go To button at the very end of the customization options to check if everything is as you need it. Based on that, you can decide further whether you need to change or tweak anything you have done to the page so it looks better than before.

The text on your site is probably the most powerful part.

The text on your booking page comprises primarily of two lines which you may use according to your needs. Although others will use it to view phrases used to advertise a company, others will use it to provide detailed directions that should be taken into account while scheduling appointments.

So, when you book the appointments with your company, your text that should be on the page really comes down to what you need your clients to see. If you want that, go ahead and get creative. Make sure your customers understand the text quickly and easily so they are clear about what they need to know before booking their appointments.

Additionally, if you need to display additional text other than these two lines, editing that image will require you to add it to the background image. In that case, make sure you do not add the text to the image where the buttons should overlap, so you can avoid the buttons on the booking page covering that text.

Keep in mind that the color of that text should match the color you are using on the other text-based elements to ensure that the page is legible and uniform.

Is that everything that you need to do? Not quite!

Look at the end of the page and see whether you have achieved what you wanted. With every update you make, we would recommend that you keep reviewing your page so that you can make further adjustments while you continue through the editing method.

Overall, you should make sure that your booking page is not too cluttered, that it is visually pleasing, and that it is readable very easily to anyone who might find it. You should also ensure that you provided all the necessary information that the customer should be aware of prior to booking an appointment with your business.

Also, try to get suggestions on your booking page from people you know, and you can enhance it more based on their opinions.

We hope that this guide has helped you! If in case you have any questions regarding this guide, let us know in the comments below.

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