Enhancements and changes for Zoho Campaign's integration with Zoho CRM

Enhancements and changes for Zoho Campaign's integration with Zoho CRM

Dear All,

Through its integration with Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns helps to nurture your leads and contacts through well-planned email campaigns by synchronizing leads and contacts between the two Zoho services.

It offers various options to touch base with your prospects and customers about your brand through newsletters, welcome emails, surveys, and marketing emails. It also enables you to make better decisions by tracking email responses.

Along those lines, we have introduced some enhancements in campaigns to help your businesses serve customers better.

What are the enhancements?

While creating campaigns, users were previously prompted to associate the list of leads/contacts to an existing mailing list or to create a new list to run a particular campaign. They could also create a new list for the same purpose. We have now introduced two additional fields for the users to update — Add Topic and Lawful Basis for Communication.

  • Add Topic
    Users can now associate campaigns with predefined content topics such as marketing, non-marketing, product updates, weekly digest, security updates, and more. This will in turn help customers choose the emails they receive based on their topics of interest, irrespective of which particular mailing list they subscribe to. For example, John Smith might be on a mailing list selected by the user of your organization while creating a particular campaign. But he may not be interested in campaigns related to financial advice circulated by the company. So, if the user creates a campaign with the mailing list, but the topic selected is financial advice, John won't receive emails from the campaign.

  • Lawful basis for communication
    We understand the need for a clear and legal basis for interactions with the customers. Lawful basis for communication helps ensure that GDPR norms are followed and makes sure contacts have given consent to receive marketing emails related to the topics to which they have subscribed. If the business has enabled GDPR in their Campaigns account, to ensure compliance, the lawful basis for communication option will be available on the pop-up. Users can choose from the list of the options provided to comply.

What are the changes?
Besides the above enhancements, we have also introduced changes in the following sections for the campaigns integration:

  • New Sync flow

  • Send for Review

  • Send Campaigns

New sync flow
Keeping in mind the limitations of existing sync flow, we have released some changes for the sync flow. For accounts that have the new sync enabled, every type of sync will be immediate, and only one sync will be available per module. The sync cannot be deleted.

  • The campaign settings page has been modified only to show the syncs available. The previously available field mapping, as well as Zoho CRM to Zoho Campaigns tabs, have been removed. The respective functionalities are now available in the Campaigns domain itself.

  • The sync page will be divided into two sections. The syncs created in the older version will be available in the section titled Syncs - Available until 30 September 2022.

  • For the newly created syncs, only the edit option will be available, and the edit link will be redirected back to the Zoho Campaigns edit page.

  • For new syncs, additional fields for details like the Chosen Topic(s), Lawful Basis For Communication, Exclude opt-out contacts, and Remove opt-out Zoho CRM contacts are shown in the sync detail view page.

Send for review
In the Send For Review pop-up, we have introduced the following additional details:

  1. The number of users from CRM (leads or contacts) or Campaigns are on the recipients' list.

  2. The number of contacts present in the list that conflict with the specified topic and will not receive the campaign.

  3. The number of contacts to whom the campaign will be sent, and the default topic associated.

  4. The total number of eligible recipients.

Sending campaigns
Previously, the Skipped Recipients pop-up, available upon clicking the warning icon in the Send Campaign stage, listed the reasons recipients are skipped, and the number of those recipients. With this enhancement, the pop-up will list the topic conflict(s) and the individual topics that were marked as conflicts as an expandable list. The respective count of skipped recipients is tracked for all topics in case of conflicts, signifying the total number of recipients who have disabled a particular topic.

Find out more about the enhanced sync flow and the changes in our help doc.


P.S. These enhancements and changes are live for all users in all DCs.

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