Introducing Paid Trainings in Zoho ShowTime.

Introducing Paid Trainings in Zoho ShowTime.

Online education and training is becoming increasingly popular in today's business world. According to a survey, enrollment in e-learning courses has increased by 263% over the last twelve years. Forbes also reports that an average presenter makes around $7000 a year from their online training sessions while building a strong reputation for their courses among their audience. That is why we've introduced the Paid Trainings feature in Zoho ShowTime. You can now realize the value of your training potential and maximize the benefits of conducting online sessions. 
 You can set up your paid training by adding tickets to your ShowTime sessions. The Admin of the account will need to configure the base currency type and payment gateway before trainers can add tickets and receive payments from participants. 

To configure a ticket:

1. Go to the Pricing tab at the top of the screen, and click Add ticket

2. Enter a name for the ticket and select a monetary value.
3. Finally, click Create ticket.

Once a ticket is created, you can specify the refund policy duration. Your trainees will be only eligible for a refund if they cancel within the specified refund policy. 

Once participants register for your training, their payment details will be displayed in the Reports tab. You can view your attendees' payment details, tickets purchased, and total revenue for the training in this tab. Our experts will also how explain how to generate revenue from your ShowTime session during a live webinar. Watch the recorded webinar now!

Once you have everything in place to launch a revenue-generating training, be sure to promote it on social media channels to encourage people to join your session.

Note: This feature is only available for Professional and Enterprise customers.
Try this feature out and share your experience of conducting paid trainings on ShowTime. Feel free to write to us with any queries or suggestions at

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