Introducing RingCentral Video, WhatsApp Web, and 10 other Zoho CRM extensions

Introducing RingCentral Video, WhatsApp Web, and 10 other Zoho CRM extensions

Zoho Marketplace releases RingCentral Video along with 11 other Extensions for Zoho CRM. Here's a list of new releases for March 2020. Get more from your Zoho products with extensions from Zoho Marketplace.

WhatsApp Web for Zoho CRM

Initiate WhatsApp messages to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Deals modules directly from Zoho CRM. Use pre-defined WhatsApp message templates with placeholders for various fields, so values can be filled in automatically. Learn more here.

Google Sheets to Zoho CRM Sync

Push your leads, contacts, and any other information from Google Sheets to Zoho CRM with a few clicks. Let your team keep updating on Google Sheets, since not everyone in an organization may be required to have CRM access. Find out more here

Payway Extension for Zoho CRM 

Process payments for your Zoho CRM invoices with ease. Draft invoices and send payment links to customers, refund and cancel payment transactions, and view payment status and transaction history from Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

Intermedia Unite for Zoho CRM 

Make calls, access relevant customer data with screen pop-ups on incoming calls, create records, and automatically manage your call activities directly through Zoho CRM. Find out more here.

Verified WhatsApp Business for Zoho CRM by Woztell

Handle WhatsApp messages from your customers efficiently from Zoho CRM. Integrate your verified WhatsApp Business account with Zoho CRM to send and receive text messages, images, and all kinds of files without leaving Zoho CRM. Learn more here.

CloudCTI for Zoho CRM

Save time and boost productivity by integrating CloudCTI with Zoho CRM. Benefit from advanced telephony features like click-to-call, screen pop-ups and automatic all recording. Find out more here

RingCentral Video For Zoho CRM

Launch your online meetings directly from Zoho CRM. Schedule or start instant online meetings with screen sharing from Zoho CRM and track meetings in Activity History. Learn more here.

CallConnect extension for Zoho CRM 

Manage both incoming and outgoing calls from Zoho CRM. Import Zoho CRM customer information to CallConnect and enjoy telephony features such as click-to-call and automatic call recording. Find out more here.

Plivo SMS for Zoho CRM

Instantly send SMS messages using predefined and customizable SMS templates. Reach your customers at the right time using the "Schedule SMS" feature and send messages exactly when you plan them. Find out more here.

Twilio SMS Extensions for Zoho CRM

Enjoy bi-directional text messaging and allow your staff to send and receive SMS messages from Zoho CRM leads and contacts without logging in to Twilio. You can send custom SMS messages to individual customers or bulk SMS messages to up to 100 customers at the same time and do much more. Check out the extension here.

PostgreSQL Easy Sync for Zoho CRM

Import data from Zoho CRM modules into tables in your PostgreSQL database to eliminate the need to back up data manually. Update changes in Zoho CRM records, including creations and modifications to PostgreSQL database, and schedule synchronization when needed. Learn more here.

Kendo for Zoho CRM

Find prospects' emails with a single click and automatically sync their contact info with your Zoho account. Identify both personal and company emails of your contacts without navigating to their LinkedIn profile page. Find out more here.

Explore Zoho Marketplace for all Zoho CRM extensions here.

Check out all the new extensions realeased in March 2020 here >

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