Orchestly Product Updates | Q2, 2020

Orchestly Product Updates | Q2, 2020

We've rolled out quite a few useful features and enhancements this quarter. We’ve also expanded our help materials with the introduction of Tutorials. Here's a quick rundown of our recent updates: 

Schedule your custom functions
Note: This is an early access feature. If you’d like to try it out, please drop an email to our support team.

Schedules allow users to trigger custom functions independently, without any trigger from business rules or blueprints. It can be set periodically or at recurring time intervals. Learn how to set Schedules in Orchestly.  


Save your draft versions
Note: This is an early access feature. If you’d like to try it out, please drop an email to our support team.
This feature allows users to save the entered data as a draft version while creating new Jobs or performing new transitions in Blueprints. 

New custom fields 
Note: This is an early access feature. If you’d like to try it out, please drop an email to our support team.
We’ve introduced 3 new custom fields - Date, Checkbox, and Radio button fields, in addition to the existing custom fields in Orchestly. Learn more about these new fields. 


Enhanced audit logs

We’ve enhanced Audit Logs to cover user activities extensively. Previously, only the Organization Admin was allowed to view Audit Logs. Now, users with relevant profile permissions will be able to view the Logs. Learn more about Audit Logs. 


Sample custom function for Zoho Sheet integration

Based on popular customer requests, we’ve documented a sample custom function to integrate Zoho Sheet with Orchestly. This integration allows you to autofill entries from Zoho Sheet to Jobs in Orchestly. Learn how to configure the integration.

New locations for Extensions

Previously, Orchestly supported 7 different locations to host extensions. We’ve added 5 more new locations to the list. Learn more about the new locations. 

Tutorials for Orchestly

We’ve rolled out a step-by-step Tutorial to help users familiarize the concepts of Orchestly and automate simple processes right from scratch. 

We're working on documenting more customer-centric use cases for Orchestly. If you are looking for any specific content materials that would assist better, do let us know!
What’s next? 
  • We are working on educative ‘How-to’ videos explaining individual modules of Orchestly.
  • We are also working on short UI video (GIF) series to assist quick onboarding. 
You can keep track of our monthly updates in our What's New page. If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to bring it up in Orchestly's community.
Happy Orchestrating!

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