Profile Customization - Business Cases

Profile Customization - Business Cases

Every organization will have its own structure, designations, and levels of permissions to be given to its users. Profiles & Roles in Zoho Projects lets you customize the access privileges and designation for the users.

With robust profile & permission configurations makes the product more powerful and cater every Business need.

Showcasing a few business case scenarios:

John from the Automobile Industry needs to configure and have control over his team's permissions.

Case 1 - Lock View/Update fields in projects

The Project Owner will have permission to modify all the details in the project by default. However, John is concerned that Project Owner shouldn’t update the ‘Completed On’ date of the project once after the completion.

It is possible to restrict the Project Field level permissions for individual profiles. So, John can set ‘View’ only permission on ‘Completed On’ field for the Manager profile. Now, the Project Owner can view the Completed On date and cannot modify it. Likewise, the other default and custom fields can also be restricted based on your requirement.

Project Field Level Permissions

Case 2 - Hide task fields for certain profiles

John deals with the Financial department and wants to manage the tasks appended with some sensitive budget related details. Though there are a lot of users working on the task, only the 'Financial Analyst' profile users and Task Owner should be able to view this information.

In this case, he can create all the finance/budget related details using Tasks Custom fields and give View/Edit permissions for Financial Analyst and Task Owner, select ‘Hide’ for other profile users.

Case 3 - Restrict Profile from assigning task to others

John follows a trend that his team members can modify all the details on their tasks but shouldn't assign tasks to others in the project.

At this instance, just enable the Tasks permission as Edit —>Added/Owned, Assign Task - To Self. This allows the users to pick up a task for themselves and not others.

Tasks Field Level Permissions

Case 4 - Allow profiles to add work items via email

While working on various tasks in the project, John wants to facilitate the Managers to add tasks/issues/status via email without logging into the portal (i.e. using Email Alias). So, here the Project Settings & Issue Tracker  setting under Project Permission should be enabled for the Manager profile.

Case 5 - Budget access privilege

John creates a project with Budget and assigns Lisa (Manager profile) as the project owner. In order to give Lisa permission to view and manage the budget, along with Project Budget permission, 'Project Owner' profile must be selected under the Access Privilege field of Budget Settings.

Budget Access Privilege 

Hope this post helps you. If you are also customizing access privileges in your project or would like to know more about how it can be tailored for your projects, then kindly share your use cases in the comments.

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