Scale up your business and support better with SalesIQ - WhatsApp channel

Scale up your business and support better with SalesIQ - WhatsApp channel

The essential part of all budding business is to  have a personal touch with your contacts, yet use powerful tools to customize the process. Now, let's see how supporting in one of the most widely used messaging platforms, WhatsApp, is preferred by many local businesses can be improved by SalesIQ. Connecting with multiple WhatApp contacts using WhatsApp mobile can lack efficiency and features. This is where SalesIQ comes in. SalesIQ's WhatsApp channel powered by Twilio allows your operators to attend the chats initiated from WhatsApp directly inside the SalesIQ chat window. This enables the operators to use all the features of SalesIQ and helps them provide best-in-class assistance. 

What can you do with WhatsApp channel?

  • Contacts can instantly connect with your operators directly from their WhatsApp application. 
  • Operators can connect and converse with multiple contacts simultaneously
  • Platform unification - The same operators, can connect with contacts from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram right from SalesIQ.
  • Use the inbuilt translation feature to converse with contacts in various languages. 
  • Use rich media such as images, videos, PDFs to enhance your support. 

Benefits of using SalesIQ WhatsApp channel:

Unlock more features with custom widgets:

Custom widgets can take your support to a whole new level by allowing your operators to view and process data from external services.
For example: If you run an online furniture shop in Zoho Commerce or Shopify, you can connect with your contacts and view all their information and orders right inside the chat window using the custom widgets. 

Extend your support with multiple WhatsApp numbers 

You can purchase multiple numbers for your brands and categorize your support for all your operations. 

Use integration widgets for more tools.

The pre-built integration widgets like Zoho Desk allow you to improve your support by enabling you to create and manage tickets right from the Operator chat window. The Zoho CRM widget lets you view the WhatsApp contact's CRM information and make the conversation more contextual. 

Click on the button below to register for the WhatsApp beta access:

To know more, check out our help guide here.


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