Widen your horizon and connect with customers via multiple platforms with Channels

Widen your horizon and connect with customers via multiple platforms with Channels

Easy, fast, and secure communication with customers is one of the foundations for any successful business. Zoho SalesIQ is exceptionally good at improving business communication and enagement with its state-of-the-art tools. We are looking to expand our horizon by allowing our users to connect with their customers using various platforms effortlessly.
In this post, we'll look into all the channels of communication that SalesIQ supports. To understand better, first, let us know what channels is. 

What is a Channel?

Channels is a communication medium through which customers can interact with the operators using various social media and messaging platforms. 
The channels module allows operators to connect with customers via all these various platforms from just a single dashboard without logging into these individual services every time. 
Now let's look at all the platforms of communication in SalesIQ. 
Using SalesIQ, you can connect with customers via various platforms such as Live chat (Websites/Mobile Apps), Email signatures, and Social media platforms. 

We have grouped all the social media and messaging apps into the Channels module. 
Social media channels Available in SalesIQ:
  1. Facebook
  2. Telegram 
  3. WhatsApp

Connect your Facebook business page with SalesIQ:

Bring SalesIQ a step closer to your business by allowing your operators to interact with your page visitors and customers directly from your Facebook messenger. Once enabled, all the conversations initiated to your Facebook page via FB messenger can be received by your operators right from the SalesIQ chat window. 
Facebook page is considered to be the second website for businesses due to the massive user base. They get more views and visits than websites in some cases, so to support your customers, enable the Facebook channel in SalesIQ. 

Key features of Facebook:
  • Increase credibility by connecting with your customers from your business page 
  • Improved support with multiple operators at the reserve 
  • In-built translation to communicate worldwide
  • Instant query resolving using article sharing 

Fast and mobile-friendly communication with Telegram

Have you ever come across a situation where a customer has to contact your operators immediately while they are on the go? 

Let's say you run a travel business and arrange a business trip to Tokyo for one of your customers. What if they are lost in the busy streets of Shinjuku looking for their tour guide and try to contact you for the guide's contact number? It would be highly frustrating for them to navigate to your website, initiate a chat, connect with the concerned department, provide the necessary details and get the tour guide's contact number. 
Having a Telegram channel integrated would solve all the struggles. All the customer has to do is open their telegram application and navigate to one of the previous chats with your operator and inform the situation. This will automatically connect them to the concerned department, and the operator will have all their information on hand and respond instantly. This could be a lifesaver in a lot of similar critical situations. 
Key features of Telegram:
  • Secure and instant connection with your customers 
  • Reliable and easy to use. 
  • Conversations are securely stored in telegram for future reference. 

Scale up your local business with Whatsapp channel

Let it be your favorite cafè at the corner of your street or the florist around the block; one thing that is common to them is that they would primarily use WhatsApp business for fast and straightforward communication.
WhatsApp is one of the most used channels of communication for rapidly growing among local businesses. And if you wish to scale up your business, having an operator attend multiple chats using a mobile is highly inefficient and tiring. 
That is where the SalesIQ WhatsApp channel comes into play. The Whatsapp channel powered by Twilio allows you to respond instantly to multiple ongoing conversations right from your operator chat window. 

Key features of WhatsApp:
  1. Simple and easy reachability
  2. Business scalability opportunity due to the substantial number of users.
  3. In-built translation to communicate worldwide
Channels are the key to improving your reachability and widening the range of audience. It allows your prospects to reach out to your operators via a familiar platform and lessens the effort to open your website and connect to the desired department. 
In addition to all the channels mentioned above, we are also planning to add more channels as demand increases. Please add these channels to your SalesIQ portal and provide your valuable feedbacks. 

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